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Wednesday, 8 September 2010

Islamic Terror Funding Mosque Bust latest in USA Latest

Islamic Terror Funding Mosque latest in USA Latest 

From our USA Reporter the Alabama Rose

Please if you watch nothing else I send out, watch this.
This has been going on right under our noses here in Orlando and this video is the result of a federal investigation.
This is absolutely horrendous – every time we complain we are told we are paranoid BUT WE ARE NOT.
The Moslem Brotherhood is taking over this country and we have a President and Attorney General that are doing nothing.
Whether you believe he is a Moslem or merely a supporter is no longer important – what is important is that he is helping this happen by his silence and refusal to act.
Canada has banned George Galloway – yet he comes and goes here as he pleases.  He was HERE IN ORLANDO soliciting funds for Hamas!
Please watch this and then send it to everyone on your e-mail list all over the country, and ask them to do the same.
We must stop this now.
Also, I suggest you ask your legislators to immediately write legislation that demands we ban terrorist sympathizers and fundraisers from the USA and that we immediately revoke the status of any organization that supports this crap.  These donations are tax deductible!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Please act on this immediately – send this video to each and every legislator in Florida and then start sending it around to the other state and federal legislators.  We need them to take this threat seriously or we will soon be living under Sharia law.  In case you have forgotten, that is the edict of Islam – to convert everyone, whether willingly or by force.