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Saturday, 18 September 2010

More Double Standards concerning dianne Abbot

More Double Standards

By Dr Phil Edwards—Black Labour MP Dianne Abbott has been reported to the police over for calling for white males to be axed first when sweeping public sector savings are announced next month, but Cheshire Constabulary, where the complaint was lodged, has said it would not be pursuing the case.
Double standards from Horwich Nationalists point of view is hypocrsy
Tory MP Philip Davies was reported in the media as saying that Ms Abbott’s remarks were “politically correct garbage” and “manna from heaven” for the British National Party.
Perhaps Mr Davies should consider this issue in more profound terms:  since race is an important element in individual and group identity, then it is impossible to build a society in which race does not matter, and furthermore, people of different races build different societies.
So, racial diversity is a source of constant conflict, a conclusion so blindingly obvious yet one of the requirements of respectability in this country is to pretend – and to repeat loudly at every opportunity — that diversity is a strength.
The Abbott incident reminds me of a recent correspondence I had with the Home Office regarding comments made by the Minister of State for Policing, Nick Herbert MP, who had been reported as saying that the police stopping people "on account of their race is unacceptable."
I asked if police officers, led by intelligence, could be choosing to do so not on the grounds of prejudice (i.e. "racism") but on the grounds of experience i.e. in the knowledge that people of black African ancestry have been shown to be more likely to be involved in crime, for whatever reason, than are indigenous white people?
Put another way, if the police have to make an on the spot judgement to stop a potential criminal, is it not more effective — on average — to stop a black person than a white one when resources and choice are scarce?
But no – the Home Office reply was (and I quote) "The Race Relations Act 1976 made it unlawful for a person to discriminate on racial grounds against another person. The Race Relations (Amendment) Act 2000 extended the remit of this legislation to include most public authorities and requires them to eliminate race discrimination, promote equality of opportunity and good relations between all racial groups. The Act applies to around 45,000 public authorities in the United Kingdom, including central government departments, health authorities, education authorities and police authorities. The police therefore have a positive duty to promote racial equality; not only to address unlawful discrimination where it occurs, but also to be pro-active in preventing it from occurring. The National Policing Improvement Agency are currently overseeing the phased roll-out of the “Next Step” programme which aims to help forces to tackle the problem of disproportionality and ensure stop and search powers are used effectively, and with the support of the local community”.
So, there we have it, the police are there to promote racial equality and soon the "Next Step" programme will "help forces to tackle the problem of disproportionality and ensure stop and search powers are used effectively, and with the support of the local community".
But will the police and "Next Step" help to stop the appalling crimes, many carried out by foreigners and illegal, undesirable aliens, which are turning many large towns and cities into Third World Hell holes?
It is as if the previous race relations acts were deliberately introduced as a straight jacket to prevent effective control of law and order. It seems that Ms Abbott has a get out clause.