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Sunday, 19 September 2010

The Bolton Horwich Labour Party's Local Voice Rag Latest

The Labour Party's Local Voice Rag.

Abridged from the Bolton patriot for the Horwich Nationalists

  We Have just finished reading the Labour Party’s ‘Lastest Local Voice’ snake oil rag distributed  early on Saturday morning ( I wonder why?) in central Horwich yesterday , whilst we in the British National party were openly campaigning on a issue of National and local importance,–well, I’ve got a sense of humour. Every time I read nonsense like this it fuels my belief that the fabric of multicultural dogma which has been used in an attempt to blind fold the British public will continue to disintegrate at an ever increasing pace.

Even before I turn the front page I see that Bolton’s Labour Party have shown what really riles them is that one of the  schools they list as being cancelled by ‘Cameron and Clegg’ is the Bolton Muslim girls school. Personally I couldn’t care less if the coalition closed every Islamic school in the country but it seems strange that any political group would continue to attempt to engage with a theocracy which has shown itself to be domineering, undemocratic and more importantly  un-British.

Labours glossy pamphlet goes on to refer to that proverbial patch up of an expression used by LibLabCon elites as ‘the Bolton Family’. ‘The Bolton Family’: a logo designed to suggest unity amongst the 3rd world colonists who now occupy across Dean, Daubhill, Halliwell, Great Lever and Farnworth, because let’s face it surely most of Bolton’s British people will have long ago dismissed such silly epithets as farcical.

Page two begins with the heading ‘Massive cuts to hit public services’. That would be the ‘public service’ which the Labour Party's bloated with non-jobs in an attempt to secure more public sector votes. I have never been able to understand how my local authority can employ so many ‘Fairness Officers’ when the very heart of the infrastructure which operates housing, education and health are so unfair. Why are Bolton’s political leaders via their endorsement of multiculturalism are putting a strain on all these resource's? Who is being treated fairly by the stress placed on theses resources, the British people or asylum seekers who have crossed nations and sometimes continents to access housing, education and free health care?
The news letter ends in a farcical thanking of the Bolton public for electing 30 Labour Councillors and 3 MPs. Labour should really be thanking the UAF for distributing smear and lies and running 3rd party organisations like hope not hate to smear all their political opponents not just the British National Party throughout the election, trade unions who assist in funding the distribution of such lies and the Bolton News who’s lopsided reporting ensured the BNP  received almost no media attention. And when you remember the Conservative Candidate only lost Bolton West by around 50 votes, then other parties should be just as concerned as well at the local Labour Parties conduct.