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Saturday, 4 September 2010

Left Wing BBC Bias: 'The Continuing Story'

BBC Bias: 'The Continuing Story'

                                                                             Mark Thompson 
 First the good News...
First the good news. It’s been a long time coming (decades in fact), but at last the BBC’s director-general, Mark Thompson, has admitted left-wing bias at the BBC. There was ‘in the BBC I joined thirty years much of current affairs, in terms of people’s personal politics , which were quite vocal, a massive bias to the left,’ he said. The station was ‘massively’ biased against Margaret Thatcher.
So far, so good. Even if one is or was not a fan of Margaret Thatcher, no publicly funded organisation like the BBC has a right to be biased against any point of view which enjoys widespread support. Even minority views need to be treated with impartiality, unless they are those which advocate downright genocide, like some moslem organisations in the Middle East, or murder, like the IRA. (The BBC  has in fact long had a soft spot for Hamas and other muslim organisations which want to eliminate Israel.  It was Orla Guerin
                                                                                  Orla Guerin
who actually cried on the death of that evil man Yasser Arafat. Like its siamese twin in the public prints. the Guardian, it has always been soft on any leftist, anti-British or anti-white organisation ideology or state, ranging from the IRA and the Soviet Union to New Labour and the ANC).
Then the Bad News
But then the bad news. Mark Thompson thinks that the bad days of bias are all in the past. ‘It is (now) a broader church. The BBC is not a campaigning organisation and can’t be.’ He claimed. Oh, but it is a campaigning organisation, Mr Thompson. Not campaigning in a flag-waving, militant, at-the-barricades way of course, but in a subtle, understated way; the way in which the idea is projected that certain politically correct assumptions are not just to be preferred, but are the only ones around which a thinking, decent, civilised person might have, to the extent that no other attitudes are even considered or discussed.
Current Affairs Bias
This bias is not restricted to current affairs programmes, of which the Question Time programme which attempted to crucify Nick Griffin may be counted as one. For example, as your present writer can attest, there have been umpteen programmes on BBC TV and radio over the last thirty years or so about the alleged difficulties immigrants have faced in Britain. You could however count on the fingers of one hand the programmes in that period devoted to the far greater, and to the native population vastly more interesting question of how the latter feel about the immigrant invasion of their homeland.
And such programmes invariably feature a preponderance of carefully selected individuals who either are in favour of multiculturalism and multiracialism or are indifferent, whilst those against are stigmatised as ‘racists’ and ‘fascists’ whose  views are a function of their ignorant bigotry, rather than of a perfectly reasonable, human desire to live in their own country amongst their own people in their own way.
Bias exists in every Corner of the BBC's Vast Empire 
And the subtle PC bias continues and extends to every corner of the BBC’s vast empire. Here are just few of the recent examples: the Police Station in ‘Heartbeat,’ the series set in 1960’s ‘Adensfield,’ has acquired a woman Police Sergeant. This is supposed to be at a time when women in such positions were rarer than hens’ teeth. Similarly, the School Head in the new series of Waterloo Roadis a woman. Indeed, it is more or less de rigueur for the head of anything in BBC shows to be female, if possible ethnic, and to be seen to have authority over white men.
 Meanwhile, over at ‘Holby City’ a show which like so many others on TV and the BBC in particular creaks with Politically Correctness to the point of caricature, the saintly Ric Griffin, the consultant and hospital director is described by one of his typically ‘feisty’ female patients with the liberal views on sex, marriage etc we are encouraged to sympathise with, as ‘noble’ and ‘handsome’ while another patient says he is a ‘magician,’ so good is he. And, of course, in charge.
                                                                                    Saint Ric
Ric is of course obviously black. The depiction of this character, as of others in this and other BBC shows, is a deliberate attempt to fix a positive image of immigrants in the public mind. It is a PC lie which like all PC lies spits in the face of reality. As recently pointed out by Sarah Maid of Albion, a remarkable preponderance of doctors and others in the medical field who have undergone disciplinary proceedings for incompetence and other lapses by their respective professional organisations have been immigrants.
The mirror – image of this of course is that the way in which those opposed to immigration are depicted as pathetic, ignorant bigots rather than the ordinary people with real and justified concerns, which is what they are in reality.
If Mark Thompson doesn’t grasp this, it is either because he personally is so politically correct that he can’t see out of that particular box, or he is lying at a time when the BBC s facing cuts in its license fee. Either way, it does not bode well for the BNP and non-PC views in general ever getting a fair showing on the organisation we all pay for.