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Sunday, 12 September 2010

BNP Vote Tops 21% in Spennymoor By Election

BNP Vote Tops 21% in Spennymoor

The British National Party took nearly 22 percent of the vote in the Spennymoor town council by-election from a standing start in a seat never before contested by the party, reports candidate Adam Walker.
Adam Walker and supporters at the polling station. Adam Walker and supporters at the polling station.“I am really delighted with the result which shows that hard work on the streets does pay off,” Mr Walker said.
The BNP polled 264 votes to the winning Lib Dem candidate’s 494. The seat was previously held by Labour and a large defection of that party’s voters to the BNP played a critical role in securing the result.
“We had never contested a seat on Spennymoor town council before and had no real idea what to expect,” Mr Walker continued.
“We decided to fight the Spennymoor seat all-out and put up a paper candidate in the neighbouring ward of Middlestone Moor.
“We put out seven leaflets in Spennymoor and completed a full canvass, while in Middlestone Moor we did not even put out a leaflet,” Mr Walker said.
“The result in the two wards showed the difference that hard work can make. Even so, the paper candidate polled 47 votes, or a respectable 8 percent of the vote,” Mr Walker said.
There was a 28.9 percent turnout in Spennymoor and a 22.8 percent turnout in Middlestone Moor.
“I'd like to say thank you very much to everyone who came to help throughout this campaign. We've had lots of people from the Cumbria in particular come to help, and it has served to raise the party’s profile in the area once again,” he said.
* The BNP also stood a paper candidate as a test in Exeter Council this past week. The single BNP candidate (amongst the race which was fought by 13 Tories, 13 Lib Dems, 12 Labourites and 10 UKIP candidates) polled a respectable 673 in his ward.