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Monday, 27 September 2010

BNP Bring Our Troops Home” Tabletop Campaign “More Effective than Leafleting”

“Bring Our Troops Home” Tabletop Campaign “More Effective than Leafleting”

The British National Party’s “Bring our troops home” tabletop campaign is as effective, if not more so, than putting leaflets through doors, reports Windsor and Maidenhead organiser Neil Kilbane.
“We shall carry on with type of campaigning long after this present campaign stops,” Mr Kilbane said. “It is much more productive than putting leaflets through doors.”
The tabletop campaign, which started again yesterday in the constituency, drew what Mr Kilbane described as “very good support in a very conservative area.
“The supporters of this petition filled out at least 12 of the petition sheets and we sold dozens of copies of Voice of Freedom,” he said.
One interesting point which came up during the tabletop outreach was the support expressed by ethnic minorities who were happy to sign the BNP’s petition.
“One particular gentleman, a doctor in nuclear science, told us that as a first generation immigrant, he was disgusted with today's politicians for allowing mass immigration and not then supporting the rights of the indigenous population," Mr Kilbane said.
“This gentleman said he had moved to Britain with qualifications and under terms of which he brought something useful and needed by the British Government.
“He then went on to ask why the Government insisted on allowing unqualified persons to enter the UK who bring nothing but their Third World customs and religions that do nothing but bring contempt for the British way of life.”
Mr Kilbane said that this gentleman had offered to attend a local branch meeting to speak to real Britons who share his concerns.