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Thursday, 9 September 2010

Blair Chickens out in the Face of BNP’s Righteous Anger

Blair Bottles It in Face of BNP’s Righteous Anger

The British National Party has claimed credit for Tony Blair’s cancellation of his book signing event in central London this week, party leader Nick Griffin has said.
Reacting to the announcement today that Mr Blair had decided to forego his personal appearance at Waterstone’s in Piccadilly after the BNP had announced its intention to demonstrate and send twelve people inside to confront Mr Blair with the enormity of his crimes, Mr Griffin said he was “very happy with the result.”
“It is a disgrace that Mr Blair would even consider making money off the graves of the dead British soldiers he sent to fight his useless, lie-based and illegal war in Iraq,” Mr Griffin said.
“This event has underlined the fact that the BNP was the first party to oppose Mr Blair’s warmongering, and the first party to point out that the allegations of weapons of mass destruction were nothing but lies.
“We must also not forget that Mr Blair was also responsible for the disastrous British involvement in Afghanistan and even more shockingly, recently called for British military action against Iran on the Andrew Marr Show,” Mr Griffin said.
“Mr Blair, his cabinet and all those Westminster politicians who supported the war, then and now, bear full responsibility for the deaths caused by these wars.
“Intelligence and army experts have also confirmed that these wars have increased terrorism in Britain and elsewhere. The sum total of all of this is that Tony Blair is the premier war criminal suspect of our time and the BNP is proud to have played a role in highlighting this fact.”