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Friday, 3 September 2010

A View from USA: American Renaissance’s Jared Taylor Speaks

A View from America: American Renaissance’s Jared Taylor Speaks

White people have every right to resist demographic shifts that will change their countries in the same way that Jews have a right to a Jewish state and Japanese people have a right to a Japanese state, leading European American political activist Jared Taylor has said.
Jared Taylor (right) and Jesse Jackson at the National Press Club, Washington DC, March 18, 2010. Jared Taylor (right) and Jesse Jackson at the National Press Club, Washington DC, March 18, 2010.
Speaking in an interview with the mainstream Washington Examiner newspaper, Mr Taylor, who is editor of the publication American Renaissance and who has hosted conferences at which British national Party leader Nick Griffin has appeared, said that “whites, whether in North America or Europe, have the right to live in nations that reflect their culture and heritage.”
Asked why he describes himself as a "race realist," Mr Taylor said in the interview that “race realism is rejection of the agreeable fantasies about race that have become orthodoxy since the 1960s."
“First, it is obvious that most people prefer the company of others of their own race. Forced integration therefore causes tension and resentment,” Mr Taylor said.
“Second, race is an important element in individual and group identity, which means it is impossible to build a society in which race does not matter.
“Third, people of different races build different societies. Blacks — wherever they are found in large numbers — establish communities with certain characteristics, and whites and others do the same.
“Fourth, the combination of the first three factors means that racial diversity is a source of constant conflict. This is blindingly obvious, yet one of the requirements of respectability in this country is to pretend — and to repeat loudly at every opportunity — that diversity is a strength.
“Fifth, the evidence is overwhelming that there is a substantial genetic contribution to well-established racial differences in average IQ.
“North East Asians living in America have higher incomes, better test scores, and more education than whites because they are, on average, smarter.
“Whites are smarter than Hispanics, who are smarter than blacks. It is vital to recognise this because otherwise “society” (meaning whites) is blamed for the failures of blacks and Hispanics.
“Finally, race realism recognises that whites have legitimate group interests just like everyone else,” Mr Taylor said.
When asked what these ‘legitimate group interests’ are, Mr Taylor went on to explain that it was “vital to eliminate the stark racial double standard that denies whites even have legitimate interests as a group.
“White pride or racial consciousness is considered ‘bigotry’ or ‘hatred,’ while any other kind of racial consciousness is considered to be a healthy form of ethnic self-esteem.
“This means every group in the country — except whites — is constantly pushing its collective interests, while whites are not allowed even to have interests as a group, much less work for them.
“Some of the interests of whites are obvious. The first is not to be reduced to a minority. Most whites don’t want this but they dare not say so for fear of being accused of ‘hate.’
“Hispanics, on the other hand, are constantly rejoicing in their increased numbers and influence, and it is considered natural for them to look forward to eventually become a majority.
“Their gain is our loss, so why are they allowed to be happy about their gain but we are not allowed to resist our loss?
“Whites have every right to prefer the kind of society that they create and to resist demographic shifts that are already changing their country in profound ways.
“Jews have a right to a Jewish state, and they keep it Jewish through selective immigration.
“Japanese have a right to a Japanese state and they keep it that way through restrictive immigration.
“Whites also, whether in North America or Europe, have the right to live in nations that reflect their culture and heritage.
“Second, what is known as 'affirmative action' is really discrimination against whites.
“If the kinds of preferences shown to blacks or Hispanics were shown to whites it would be a national scandal, but because the victims are whites (and sometimes Asians) it is of no consequence. Whites must work to eliminate this while it is still possible to do so.
“When nonwhites become majorities, they are likely to push for even more extensive racial preferences than the ones they enjoy today.”
Mr Jared also dealt with a number of other issues including why he rejected “white nationalism” and “white supremacy,” his own background and the meaning of demographic change for America, the current state of race relations in that country and the state of the civil rights movement.
You can read the full interview in the Examiner newspaper here and you can find American Renaissance by clicking here.