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Saturday, 25 September 2010

New Labour Leader Brags About 3 million Foreigners being Better off Under labour

New Labour Leader Brags About 3 million Foreigners being Better off Under Labour

Author Horwich nationalist,
The new Leader of the so called New Labour party the son of the Marxist writer Ralph Milliband , Ed Milliband gave in a stomach turning 1st speech as leader of that bunch of traitors an example of new Labour hypocrisy and the horror that would befall this country if their is ever in the future a Labour Govt . As Milliband claimed that 3 million foreign nationals were now better of because of New Labour, well he should know from reports he is some kind of Belgian I understand.
 I sat and thought to myself surely that cannot be all the billions of foreign aid that Labour has been pumping into the Nuclear powers of India and Pakistan,to buy the votes of the Pakistanis and Indians in the UK, as most of that of that aid money is most likely resting in some corrupt Sub Continents officials Swiss bank account. And surely it cannot be the several million Iraqis or other Peasants the New Labours illegal wars have slain. 

But my most important thought on the matter was what about all the BRITISH  old folk who have died through lack of good housing and poor heating And the millions now on the dole due to their policies. BUT NO! none of that just a boast of how foreigners are much better of under a new Labour Govt.
 I sat dumbfounded for 2 minutes the maximum amount of time that I could stomach the pain of some one paying tribute to policies that have meant the deliberate social engineering and attempts to destroy our nation and people for the political advantage of the Labour party and the final straw of paying tribute  to that PC riddled ultimate TRAITOR and ant white racist Harriet Harman was just to much for me, I had to go and shower and even rinse my ears to rid myself of the pollution of hypocrisy that had left me feeling so unwell.

And one final point how come the BBC dedicated a entire non news programme to the announcement of the result of the Leadership contest, east the BBC is now the third arm of the Labour Party , just behind the trade unions and the multi national banks that are bank rolling them.