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Wednesday, 22 September 2010

National Campaign Across the Land, the British People Voice Their Objection to the Afghanistan War

From across the Land, the British People Voice Their Objection to the Afghanistan War

In unprecedented sights from the East Midlands to Cumbria, from the East of England to the West Midlands and the South East, crowds of people formed queues at British National Party tables over the past weekend to sign the petition calling for British troops to be withdrawn from Afghanistan, reports national organiser Clive Jefferson.
“I must admit that I was taken aback by the sight of queues waiting in line at a BNP table in Whitehaven,” Mr Jefferson said.
“I knew the campaign would be popular, but I think even the BNP underestimated popular public opinion on this issue. It has been a runaway hit with the public and reports from all over the country confirm the view that the current conflict has to be the most unpopular war of recent times,” he said.
In Ashfield, party activists collected signatures “by the bucket load” from a very receptive population in Sutton Square on Saturday, reports organiser Edward Holmes.
“The public are very angry about our soldiers dying in Afghanistan.
“Next time we hope to have more people collecting signatures as people had to wait to sign the forms,” he added. “The message about this disgraceful war is certainly getting across.”
In Borehamwood, Eastern region, activists under organiser Danny Seabrook also reported a groundswell of support “like we have never seen before.”
Crowds flocked to the table to sign the petition which, once the campaign is complete in four weeks' time, will be submitted to Downing Street as an expression of the British peoples’ anger at this illegal war which has cost hundreds of British lives and billions of pounds.
The scenes were repeated in Codsall, a village on the outskirts of the city of Wolverhampton, reports superactivist Simon Patten.
“We were very well received by the locals who were keen to accept the leaflets and papers,” Mr Patten said.
“Many were impressed with the campaign and there was a lot of positive feedback for the British National Party. It was a very worthwhile day and we are looking forward to next week's campaign.”
The campaign launch in Bracknell was equally well received, reports our South East correspondent.
“More than 120 petition forms were filled out, and we were overwhelmed at the levels of support from the general public,” he said.
The renewed interest in the party also boosted Voice of Freedom sales and over 50 copies were sold in the course of the morning, a record for a Saturday table top.
“We also promoted the Solidarity Union’s "Stop the Cuts" campaign,” our correspondent added.
“Both campaigns have elicited very good reactions from the general public and we shall most certainly be continuing this very popular campaign into the villages of Berkshire.”
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