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Friday, 3 September 2010

Is There To Be Any Green Space Left In Horwich

Author Horwich Nationalists 

It is with sadness that we have to report that Horwich is losing even more of it's open spaces, What with the building on the last green space left in central Horwich on Wright St, and now the encroachment onto the playing fields on Singleton Ave, We must ask how long is there left before the entire Green Lane Playing Fields are put up for building land, to suffer the fate of the Hilton Playing fields years ago, as well as the land where the once vibrant Market was once, a market that was shut due to years of deliberate neglect by the local Labour Liberal Zanu PF parties.

Wating to colonise Horwich
We believe that the houses that are being built on our green spaces may look adequate but are in fact overcrowded and cheaply built and and most liable to become a slum in a short time, especially as we believe that these properties are being built to house a influx of the colonisers who are ready and waiting to be shipped into our once clean and green town. Leaving Local people without recourse to cheap affordable rented local authority accommodation.

You the people of Horwich and elsewhere do have a chance to halt this neglect of ours and other towns by joining the only party that cares about decent upright working British families, The British National Party, if you are a Horwich or Bolton Resident why not Join using this link
or just donate using this link
for the simple reason it is only the British National Party that will honour the pledge of British Homes for British Families on a national and local level! we hope for your support in next years elections also !