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Tuesday, 14 September 2010

Nick Griffin BNP MEP Visits Horwich Bolton and Give A great Speech this Weekend

Author Horwich Nationalists,

This Sunday evening just gone , The members of the Bolton British National party and members of the public were treated to a superb and in depth topical speech by Nick Griffin MEP and Chairman of The British National Party at their monthly meeting. 

The meeting was opened by Dorothy Sayers who gave a impassioned speech on the need for the British people to unite behind the British National party , in order to ensure their survival as a indigenous majority in their homeland. Mrs Sayers also pointed out that in her opinion and I must say many many others, we have only 15 years left to stem this tide that threatens the survival of the British people and Nation. And when you bear in mind that is only three General Elections, the horror of the situation really hits the mark.Dorothys speech below.

Before and after  the meeting Nick who is a very busy man, had plenty of time to mix with members and the public, in order to discuss topics and pose for photo,s from the many admirers, as the one he graciously agreed to have taken  with last years Horwich North east British National Party candidate Ivan Cooper. Mr Cooper commented that, "It is the first time that I have met Mr Griffin and I found him to a pleasant and quiet spoken man who,s persona has been much maligned by the Left wing media lies. I also found him also to be sincere with a true love of the British people and Nation a truth that is obvious to any one who listens to the speech he gave, it is also a pity that we could not make Nicks appearance at our meeting fully public, but unfortunately we would have had the the Prime Ministers sponsored violent Marxist UAF thugs threatening public safety. It is a shame that the three main political parties now have to use third party organisations to threaten and use actual violence in order to attempt to silence the British Peoples opposition to their policies of the British peoples and Nation destruction by subverted means ".

Also after the meeting many members of the ordinary members of the public who attended the meeting declared themselves to  to be utterly now convinced that the Left wing media are complete liars! and also that their support for OUR party was assured. indeed several membership applications forms were taken by the public, and the news is that in the last 48 hours one is now indeed a new member of the Bolton British National Party.
So why Not decide for yourselves a choice we always give in our party, by sitting back and watching Nicks superb speech!

convinced then why not join us in our modern day Battle to Save Britain by joining the British National Party British National Party Membership application