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Monday, 27 September 2010

Andrew Brons BNP MEP helps injured British Soldier

MEP helps injured soldier

SEPTEMBER 2010: WHEN Chris Beverley addressed BNP members at a meeting in Bridlington recently and asked them to let him know of any good local causes that they would like to see supported by Andrew Brons MEP, it did not take long for good suggestions to be submitted.

Indeed, it was at this very meeting that Sub-Regional organiser Gary Pudsey mentioned a fundraising event due to be held on the following Saturday. The event in question had been organised to raise money for a local soldier who lost his leg following an explosion in Afghanistan, and who had since been told that his £185 disability benefit has been stopped. Without this payment he cannot afford to run his specially adapted car.
26-year-old Aron Shelton from Bridlington (right) was told by the DWP that he was no longer entitled to disability allowance to fund his car, despite losing one leg and suffering crippling arthritis in the other.
Aron told his local newspaper:
"I was livid, I needed a punch bag to take my anger out on - though the British Prime Minister would have done! I lost my leg for a reason, I didn't lose it in an everyday accident or by messing around, I lost it fighting for my country in the British Army and I would expect that the British government would look after me because of it."
Upon learning of this case, Andrew Brons immediately send a cheque for £1000 from his community fund, which has been gratefully accepted.