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Thursday, 2 September 2010

Arriving in UK for Homes and Benefits! family from the Czech Republic get it All

Arriving in UK for Homes and Benefits!
Allocated a Home by Peterborough council, only few days after the family arrived from the Czech Republic

Helena Horvatova (above) is grateful for her council house. Her only complaint is that it has just three bedrooms for herself, her husband and their seven children.

The 27-year-old was allocated the property by Peterborough council in March, only days after the family arrived from the Czech Republic.
Her 29-year-old husband does not work. Their youngest child, born six months ago, is named Kevin.

'It is a very British name,’ Mrs Horvatova said. ‘We want him to grow up British. We came to Britain because we wanted a better life for all our children.’

She added: ‘My husband is claiming Jobseekers’ Allowance. Back in our country he was a school cleaner, but in Peterborough they say there are no vacancies.

‘Our oldest boy has to go to school five miles away. The schools nearby are full of children who came to Peterborough before us.’

At least 10,000 eastern European immigrants have arrived in the city since the EU expanded its borders six years ago.
  • From next year migrants will be able to claim benefits etc after 3 months. I wonder if the coalition will do anything to stop that? I doubt it. I trust them as much as I trusted Bliar.

  • Now call me an old cynic but once the Human Rights Lawyers get their claws into this it will never happen. How can you possibly discriminate against people just because they are not british and have never paid into the system, especially if they have loads of kids, it won't happen. Far easier to discriminate against the british national, no-one will fight their corner for them.

  • I thought that if people from the new EU countries did not have a job to come to they would not be alllowed in.Why are they getting paid benefits as soon as they arrive? What good is a school cleaner from the Czech Republic,how is he contributing towards our society when he cannot get a job and bringing a large family over to claim all our benefits.This is sooooo wrong and surely is unsustainable. We are broke,how can we afford to keep all these.people?

  • Most people realise that most immigrants who come to this country do not do so for the love of the British people, in fact quite a lot of them despise us..... They come for one reason and one reason only to benefit from the standard of living WE have earned for OUR citizens. If the benefit system dried up for them, which it should, they would be off to the next best soft touch country...if there is one.

  • If any of us turned up in Prague, Warsaw, or Budapest and asked to be given accommodation we'd be refused. So why in Britain are immigrants from eastern Europe given council houses anyway - even after a wait? They haven't fled torturing regimes as all the asylum seekers claim to have done. The same with health. Try going without work to Germany or Slovenia and permanently joining their health services. You will be refused point blank. The EU may be bad but it is British politicians themselves who simply don't understand the word NO.

  • We are constantly being told by pro-immigration advocates that it is necessary to fill jobs, yet examples like this are endless where the head of a large family is unemployed and they are costing a fortune to keep. Crazy!

  • Well at least they have finally admitted to something that EVERYONE ELSE has known for years. Maybe one day they will come clean and agree that most of these people have no valid right to Asylum and are nothing more than economic scroungers. Then they may have a revelation as to why law-abiding, hard working people like myself are turning to the BNP and/or UKIP. We are seeing moves to end the right to council housing for life. How long will it be before home-owners are forced by Law to sell their homes under the guise of "its too big for you now" and forced to move into the social/private dog kennels currently being thrown up around the country that are called "houses"? Or worse, maybe we will be forced to rent out our spare rooms to these unwanted characters? Looks like the Revolution is still coming folks.

  • I know of a family who have been in the UK 18 months and after 12 months they were sitting in a lovely 4 bedroomed council house in a nice area of Blackburn and they plan to buy the property in time, so don't tell me that immigrants and asylum seekers are not getting houses before the British people because the people who live in the areas know whats going on despite the Governments denials.