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Saturday, 11 September 2010

Islamic Holy Book Burning Controversy: Let’s Strike a Deal with the Muslim World Instead

Koran Burning Controversy: Let’s Strike a Deal with the Islamic World Instead

The worldwide hullabaloo over a threat by a tiny Christian church in Florida to hold an “international Koran burning day” has illustrated how divisive Islam has become in modern Western society and has highlighted once again the sense and logic behind the British National Party’s foreign policy towards Muslim nations, according to party Foreign Affairs spokesman Arthur Kemp.
“The fact that a denomination of less than 50 people at an obscure church could provoke a world crisis involving the heads of state of Britain, America, Afghanistan and others, should serve as a wake-up call to the importance of Islam’s influence in the world,” Mr Kemp said.
“Under normal circumstances, such an event would hardly even be noticed, much less seized upon by the President of the United States of America and the head of the American military mission in Afghanistan,” he continued.
“Even the president of Afghanistan has said that the Koran-burning would have international repercussions and would see Americans attacked anywhere in the world. From that point of view, it is good that the event has been cancelled.
“However, it has underlined the fact that Islam has now, courtesy of uncontrolled mass immigration, become a factor in Western societies on both sides of the Atlantic.
“The BNP has long pointed out that the Westminster parties are directly responsible for this disaster, and have encouraged terrorism in the West through their twisted foreign policy which incites the Muslim world against the West.
“If that were not bad enough, these same parties then follow a domestic policy of encouraging as much Third World immigration as possible, creating a huge pool of potential support inside Britain (and Europe and America, for that matter) from which radical Islamists can recruit,” Mr Kemp continued.
“We have to bear in mind that Islam’s primary objective is in any event to seize control of non-Muslim lands, either by force or colonisation. The Westminster parties are actively aiding this objective and through their foreign policies are fanning the flames of radical Islam and providing them with the excuse to encourage acts of terrorism against the publc.
“The BNP’s position is quite clear, simple and obviously truthful: Islamist terrorism in the West will never be contained until the twin issues of mass immigration and our biased foreign policy are corrected.
“Only once mass immigration has been halted and reversed, and our foreign policy brought into line to serve British interests alone, will the immediate threat dissipate.
“In this regard, the sense and logic behind the BNP’s foreign policy towards Muslim nations will play a major role in sorting out the problem. For there is no truth at all to the allegation that the BNP is anti-Muslim.
“All we say is that in the same way that Saudi Arabia has the right to be a Muslim country without outside interference, Britain has the right to be a British country without outside interference.
“This means that Britain has the right not to be colonised by millions of Muslims who will change the very nature of our society, and that Saudi Arabia has the right not to be colonised by millions of Christians who will change the very nature of that society.
“The BNP would offer a deal to the Muslim nations of the world: We would agree to a completely neutral foreign policy and undertake never to interfere in the internal affairs of Muslim nations. This would mean never again launching wars such as the illegal invasions of Iraq or Afghanistan, or undertaking any action in which British interests are not directly threatened.
“In return, all we would ask is that the Muslim nations accept our right not to be colonised and accept back their excess populations which they have already exported to Britain.  It is an offer founded on realism and a desire to create a lasting peace so that we may never again have to face the prospect of an international incident over a ‘Koran’ burning’ threat,” Mr Kemp concluded.