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Thursday, 16 September 2010

Place Jobs Black Workers above those of Whites Says Dianne Abbot Labour Party Leadership Candidate

Place Interests of Black Workers above those of Whites, Says Labour Party Leadership Candidate

The interests of black workers must be placed above those of white workers when it comes to redundancies caused by the recession, Labour Party leadership contender and well-known black supremacist Dianne Abbot has said.
The Labour MP for Hackney North and Stoke Newington has been nominated as new leader of her party by a string of well-known senior Labour MPs, including far left anti-BNP “Hope not Hate” crank Jon Cruddas, Harriet Harman, Jack Straw, Keith Vaz and Phil Woolas.
Speaking to BBC’s Radio 4, Ms Abbott said that “ethnic background and gender should be considered” when drawing redundancies are planned in the Government’s austerity drive.
She called for new requirements for local councils, Government agencies and quangos to be “mindful” of the race and gender distribution of any job losses they are planning.
“Figures show that out of the 6 million people that work in the public sector, 4 million are women and over 500,000 workers are of black and ethnic minority backgrounds,” she said, pretending to be interested in the rights of women as well.
Her true anti-white agenda quickly shone through in the very next sentence. “My concern is that the progress black and ethnic minority workers have made in employment is relatively recent and if there have to be big cuts, it will be ‘last in, first out’ and these cuts will fall disproportionately not just on women but on black and ethnic minority workers,” she said, repeating the comments in a statement on her campaign website.
“I think this could lead to a degree of instability which could have the potential to set back race and gender relations by a generation.
“We need to ensure that local authorities, Government and quangos are mindful by making them monitor the gender and ethnic distribution of people losing their jobs,” Ms Abbott said.
This is not the first anti-white outburst by Ms Abbott. In 1996, she said that "blonde, blue-eyed Finnish girls" in her local hospital in West London were unsuitable as nurses because they "may never have met a black person before."
When she joined the leadership race earlier this year, she told the BBC that she was standing because all the other candidates “look the same.
“We cannot be offering a slate of candidates who all look the same. The Labour Party's much more