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Saturday, 11 September 2010

The Koranic Book Burning And a Missed Opportunity to Gain the Moral High Ground

Author Horwich Nationalists 

The latest false outrage from the world of spineless politics about a little known American Pastor claiming that he was about to burn hundreds of copies of the Holy Book of the followers of Mohamed, was yet another example of the so called Liberal political class, surrendering to the fear of the Islamic mob, and perhaps even worse the loss of a few strategic votes, that will keep them in power for another 4 years in order to put their own career before the welfare of their nations or peoples and more importantly the true faith of Christianity that is under attack constantly but refuses to act violently.

It is with sadness in my opinion that these so called defenders of democracy, who are willing to send the brave young people in the armed forces of the west to fight in illegal wars for the sake of oil, in which hundreds of thousands of Muslims out side their respective nations ( Unable to vote) have died only for the sake of their political parties financial backers gaining more billions. 
And yet at the same time pontificate about the lack of respect for the beliefs of the followers of Mohamed. In other words submitting to the Islamic Mob rule within their own borders, in the belief that such incidents are bad for their own electoral success. Which I suppose is just a another example of Multi Culturalism, ie: the Tail wagging the Dog! instead of informing the followers of Mohamed that if they wish to live in a democracy they should abide by the laws that govern those who do not follow the dictates of Mohamed and if they find that unpalatable then they should seek another land to live in.

But to me as a Christian the most saddest part of the entire incident is the fact that the Parson missed a golden opportunity to show the Islamic world the wisdom of Christianity and peace by putting a mirror in the face of the followers of Mohamed and the illegal wars of the Liberal Politicians , by showing the ingrained  violence of their faith . By seeking the assistance of  other preachers even those of Mohamed who would bear witness to his intent. By claiming at 1st that he was going to burn these books, whilst not having any intent to do so. Then as the violence and death threats begin , he could have asked the followers of Mohamed why do you always react with violence to any criticism, is your faith in this man and his teaching so fragile that you must seek to destroy all those who question or any of the critics who put your belief to the test. it seems to me that your faith is as a house made of mud and that when it rains you attack the drops. It is as deep within yourselves you know that the entire structure of your faith in this man cannot stand against it , and will be washed away by any of the drops of criticism. 
But if it is not so then rise to my challenge which would be to put away your violence of word and deed. And answer your critics and point out with debate and reason the injustices you feel that are done against you and your beliefs, and gain the ear of the world. 
Then the people of the world, would be more understanding towards you and would not allow these Liberals a free rein to make war on you for false reason of the war on terror, for that reason is a reason that YOU AS MUSLIMS HAVE GIVEN THEM, by your outrages such as 9/11, for the real reason you know and I know that it is all down to oil and money.