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Tuesday, 28 September 2010

While Nu Labours Marxists Huddle, South Wales BNP Hits the Streets

While Marxists Huddle, South Wales BNP Hits the Streets

While the two sons of a Marxist immigrant were doing behind the scenes deals with the unions in Manchester this weekend, British National Party activists in towns all across South Wales were busy holding “support our troops” table top petition signing events, reports Clive Bennett, Swansea group organiser.
“The West Wales group held their table top in Haverfordwest town centre as activists from Swansea, Neath and Port Talbot turned out to assist the local group,” Mr Bennett said.
“We were able to have a table top at Castle Square, a second group complete with clipboards, situated at Old Bridge on the other side of the town centre, and an additional group of activists leafleting in various parts of the town.”
Mr Bennett said that the “table was busy all the time with people who wanted to sign the petition and have a chat.
“In many cases, people gave vent to their worries and concerns for members of their family who are service personnel and presently in Afghanistan, some for the third or fourth time,” he said.
“One man told us of his nephew who had been serving his country from the time of the Falklands War, with tours of duty in Northern Ireland and Iraq and who was now on his fourth term in Afghanistan.
“I told him that I hoped good fortune followed his nephew and that this petition does something to speed his and every other British son, daughter, niece and nephew's safe passage home,” Mr Bennett said.
“During the day, 122 signatures were collected and over two thousand leaflets distributed. Several Voice of Freedom newspapers were sold.
“A number of very welcome donations were also made, rounding off a very productive day which gave many local people an opportunity to meet and speak to our members face-to-face,” Mr Bennett said.