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Saturday, 18 September 2010

Bolton British National Party Take Bring our Boys Campaign to Horwich

Bolton British National Party Take the Bring our Boys Back Home Campaign to Horwich!

just a few of the team in Horwich
Today members of the Bolton and Horwich British National party took the Bring the Boys back Home Campaign to the Streets of Horwich. The Campaign is part of a UK wide day of action by the British National Party, that is designed to put the pressure on the Lib/Lab/Con political elites to end their illegal war in Afghanistan, in order that NO! More Brave British soldiers lives are lost in a war who,s only purpose is to secure a oil pipe line for Multi national Corporations and Bankers!

Members of Horwich public showing support
The response from the public in Horwich was over whelming in favour of our campaign with many people filling in our petition to end this illegal war that is costing the lives of our Brave British soldiers NOW! with over 4000 casualties a figure that the corrupt elite try to cover up and more likely, only the British National Party, the only party that is not in the back pocket of the multi nationals and bankers , promises to bring our brave lads home from that desolate hell hole immediately ! Leaving the Afghans to continue their centuries long traditions of slaughtering other, and saving countless British Lives in a war that has nothing to do with us!

Also unlike the other pro war Labour , Liberal and Conservative parties the British National party has brought the campaign directly to the streets. Where members of the public can question us on our policies and the reason why state our brave lads lives must be saved. Unlike the other parties who skulk around throwing unwanted leaflets complaining about the lack of funds for the Bolton Muslim girls School through your door and never been seen in person by the electorate. 

Please Remember in future elections that Only the British National Party will end this pointless war and treat the British Armed Forces and public with the dignity and respect they deserve, and at the same time save thousands of our troops lives and millions of Innocent foreign Nationals by ending these cruel and pointless wars!
please watch Nick Griffins Speech filmed in Horwich this Month!