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Tuesday, 28 September 2010

UK Democracy Has Been Denied in Britain, Says BNP Press Officer

Democracy Has Been Denied in Britain, Says BNP East Midlands Press Officer

The British people are being denied their democratic rights by a politically correct elite which thinks it knows best, according to East Midlands British National Party press officer Cllr John Ryde.
Addressing the latest meeting of the Salisbury branch, Cllr Ryde said on issue after issue, from immigration to the EU, the views of the majority of British people have been ignored and overridden.
“The British people have never been consulted on the really important issues which have determined the direction of this nation,” he said to applause.
Cllr Ryde also gave the lively audience an insight in to his work as a councillor for the BNP and his own achievements throughout his community in reducing crime.
He finished off with a Q&A which gave the audience a chance to ask him how he has seen change through mass immigration in Leicestershire.
Compared to where Cllr Ryde lives, Salisbury has “escaped the effects of mass immigration to a degree. But it is our duty to alert the residents  of Salisbury and surrounding areas to what can be expected if we do nothing,” said organiser Sean Witheridge after Cllr Ryde’s speech.
Mr Witheridge officially welcomed several new members to the meeting, including some university students.
A video of party chairman Nick Griffin’s recent speech in Bolton at the launch of the “Bring our boys home” campaign was shown and went down a storm.
“During the interval, several new members showed great interest in supporting the campaign and offered to assist the branch in any way they could,” said Mr Witheridge.
see Nicks speech speech here. Nick griffins Bolton Speech filmed in Horwich