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Wednesday, 15 September 2010

Vive Le France! Vive Le Sarkozy! Vive Le Liberty!

Vive Le France! Vive Le Sarkozy! Vive Le Liberty!

By Horwich Nationalists

One can only admire the French people and the President of France Mr Nicolas Sarkozy's defence of their Homeland and culture, from the scourge of the Roma Gypsy inflicted crime wave on France and the French people. And also not to forget the previous Banning of the oppression of women who are forced to wear the Islamic garment the Burka. All this in the face of determined opposition from the Marxist EU and their left wing Liberal elite allies. 

Whose spokesman a little known puffed up eurocrat with the title of Justice Minister of the EU , (now theirs a contradiction in terms justice in the EU) Vivane Reding , who hails from the parasitical Grand Duchy of Luxembourg, yes! Luxembourg the postage sized state that surrenders at the first sign of trouble and after hostilities cease demand the victors pick up all the defence bills of their minuscule state whilst they offer tax exile to all those multi millionaires who should be contributing  for the defence of their own nations. has compared the French President and in effect the French People as Nazi's. And has also threatened the French Nation with Legal action. I bet the French  are Quaking in their boots at that threat. just imagine the  headline on that one, 
Menopausal Harridan invades France with Legal Document, Last seen exploding on the end of of an Exocet missile, Luxembourg surrenders!
All I can add it is about time that the British Public shouls also elect Politicians that are willing to stand up for the rights of British People and Nation, and not those who are only to glad to turn this once proud nation into the dumping ground of the worlds undesirables. 
And off course their is only one Party that to be blunt HAS THE BALLS TO DO SO! It is of course the British National Party , who's entire ethic is the British People and Nation must be the first consideration in all laws and policies!  And 1st task would be to leave that nest of vipers called the EU and once again take our own place on the world stage!
So I hope soon to not only to shout Vive La France but also Vive Grande Britan!