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Thursday, 2 September 2010

New Example of Muslim Hypocrisy in Horwich As They Open the Courtyard Wine Bar

A fine example of Muslim, indeed the total HYPOCRISY of Islam as whole , as opened it's doors in Horwich NR Bolton,
The Bay Horse Pub Horwich as it was

The latest example is the Courtyard Wine bar on Lee Lane in Horwich formally the Bay Horse Public House.  the owners also now own the spice valley restaurant as well. ( stage 2 in colonisation.

Entirely owned no doubt, and staffed by Muslims and selling Alcohol to the Indigenous British People , and no doubt targeting the young especially. 
I see theirs No equal opportunities employment in a still 95% white town at this establishment .

What absolute hypocrisy by these people that they should peddle Liquor to the Young people of Horwich, whilst they themselves are strictly forbidden to touch it,or sell it to people from their own Religion. It is to us at The Horwich Nationalist like a pacifist becoming a arms dealer. 

I call on all the good patriotic people not to frequent this premises, and to boycott it completely. why fund these Hypocrites, by allowing them to get old of more money to aid in the colonization of our once proud town and Homeland. 

One dread of mine is that this den of hypocrites may become a base for the Asian gangs that are targeting young whites girls to become sex workers and even worse a place to spread the pollution of drugs.

Strong claims you may say, but all based on irrefutable facts a recent police report has said that 90% of all drugs are coming from Asians and even some Muslims have admitted to the fact of Asians pimping young white girls see this Article.

Please do not frequent this place boycott it and do not let the Hypocrites take another step into our still lovely town!