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Tuesday, 16 September 2014

Scottish independence requires full-hearted consent of the people - Roge...

That is exactly what Salmon and Camergoon want , the are in the same
camp. Salmon Like Camergoon is a collectivist and a TRAITOR  of the
worst kind , both are in the pay of the bankers and there Zionist
controllers. If there is a yes vote Salmon will go to the EURO central
bank and accept any kind of loans of the Mickey mouse currency they
issue. Selling the Scots in to debt slavery for a millennium. He then
will accept terms to rejoin the EU accepting the EURO in the same manner
Greece did , with the same results. And then he will flood Scotland
with 3rd world immigrants in a manner that would make Blair look
amateurish. Leaving the Scots a Minority in there own land within 20
yrs. Mark my words !

The Scots and The Other Indigenous peoples of these isles have one
remaining chance and that  is to remain united and to form a common
front against these New world order goons, Who are responsible through
the private central banks for the murders of billions of people over the
last 200 yrs