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Sunday, 20 December 2015

2016 is the defining year for this lawful rebellion

 2016 is the Defining year for this Lawful Rebellion 

By Dave Robinson  @ Pratical Lawful Dissent
 So, as we draw near to the end of 2015 let us not forget that we are under occupation by the European Union, and that we have been for well over a year now.
Next year the rebellion will flourish as more people are seeing the need for this remedy and jumping aboard the freedom express. As more use the process and free themselves up from the criminal regime, which we simply collectively allow to continue at this time, the noose will tighten around the neck of the quisling government and those doing its bidding.
Getting groups together is essential so PLEASE take responsibility and organize small groups locally, act locally to inform all those in public service that they too have a lawful duty to openly rebel against the crown and its institutions. By doing this you are laying foundations for the rebellion to grow. We need ALL public servants (police, councillors local MP's etc) on Notice of article 61 and treason.
We are the power in this land, the peoples will is far greater than those who presume (so arrogantly) to have power over us. United we are omnipotent and what better but to unite under the common law that protects the people not the ruling (so called) elite?
The British Constitution protects the sovereignty of the nation. Without this nation being sovereign, and thus YOU remaining in your sovereign capacity as a constitutional subject there can ONLY be literal slavery, never mind the fact that we are slaves now, it will get a lot worse if we don't stop it trust me!
2016 is the defining year for this lawful rebellion to either erupt and flourish en masse, or to die a slow death and with it, the deaths of countless people across Britain and the entire globe. We have the power to put an end to this covert genocide as soon as you want it to end.
Please educate as many people as you can, to the fact that we all have lawful excuse not to support any institution that pretends to gain its authority from the crown. To support the crown is to support our own demise. It should be a moral choice not to support these disgusting war criminals, terrorists and child abusers anyway. We are commanded by law not to aid and abet this fascist government or ANY foreign body assuming authority over the people of this nation (US, EU or UN etc).
If we 'allow' this to continue without rejecting it entirely then we will deserve all that we get. The children however will be the victims of our gross negligence and we MUST NOT and WILL NOT let that happen!
The line has well and truly been drawn, if you are not standing under the common law in lawful rebellion then I can provide you with no aid and comfort until you do. That is the bottom line and I will use that to compel my associates and friends in the new year. That may lose me some so called friends but that's fine. If they are willing to comply to the regime despite knowing that the regime will kill my children or enslave them in a tightly nit control grid, despite all the evidence of this (agenda 21 & 20- 30 etc) then they are no friends of mine anyway. The time has come to stand up and be counted or fall into an abyss of unimaginable tyranny. I would rather die personally.
Having stated that (lol) have a great season of good will etc.....but please think about taking positive action in the coming year, no matter how small your contribution maybe it all adds up to a large collective peaceful rebellion. Peace.