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Sunday, 9 January 2011

Musician? Billy Bragg really is an hypocrite ?

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Written by Green Arrow   
The champagne socialist Billy Bragg is seeking some self publicity by saying that a letter that is circulating in his lovely part of the world calls him a hypocrite but you decide for yourself whether he is or not.  Billy goes on to say;
This letter is nothing more than the powerless ranting of a bitter individual who is angry that, even in a sleepy village like ours, people reject the politics of racism.
As you can see, Billy's home is hardly in the centre of his nice beautiful sleepy village where the enrichers have yet to spread to but I am sure they will in time if Billy's wet dream were to ever come true. He would soon change his politics then.
Billy, like many of the entertainment "success" stories of modern times has made it big, not so much on his ability as a musician but because like his drugged up friend, Pete Doherty of Babyshambles, he says all the right things the Marxist establishment like to hear and so is lionised above his ability.

Just as Weyman Bennett is a "professional black", Billy is a "professional marxist" and just as Bob Geldorf uses Live Aid to keep an otherwise mediocre career alive and profitable, so do does Billy play the working class champion, to keep his career going and to pay for the huge lump of West Dorset that he now owns.

Billy, as expected, is a very close friend and drinking companion of secret serial father and former Mayor of Londonistan, Ken Livingstone (what sort of man does not acknowledge his children) and lived in Barking for awhile where he has had a street named after him, is always portraying himself as a working class hero and promoting any group or organisation that attacks the British National Party.
As you can see if you follow this link and click on the images, Billy is rather Nouveau riche and tacky but it did for the June 2002 edition of Homes and Gardens magazine.  How delightfully middle class.  How does it go Billy?  "The working class can kiss my ass, I have the foreman's job at last".
However Billy's, working class hero image was further ruined when he drove his Mitsubishi Shogun around Burton Bradstock. It turns out that around about that time Billy owned two large SUV's and often wound up the locals, one of whom posted on the Billy Bragg Forum that has now been removed.
Bragg's Shogun is often parked outside the newsagents blocking all and sundry. "Rich Luvvie" I thought, but then I heard him sanctimoniously droning on about the environment on telly and thought I'd check out his website - sure enough a load (..a load..) of guff about "campaigns" including a load about 4x4's and what should be done to the owners - what a hypocrite!

I'm no fan of 4x4's particularly with respect to what they do to pedestrians unfortunate enough to end up in the path of one - come on Billy - trade it in (or even better scrap it - you've got enough money) for something safer/less polluting.
Later by all accounts, Billy did trade in one of his Shoguns for another SUV, a Nissan Pajero. I have been informed that Pajero is Spanish for "Wanker" so I guess that a Nissan would be more appropriate for such a large Pajero as Billy.

Being a bit of a tight wad (Ken had warned him about his plans for congestion charges) and fed up with the enrichment of Barking, Billy had by now, joined the White Flighters and fled to Burton Bradstock on the coast in West Dorset despite the local reds naming a street after this great class warrior.

Where he parked up his tanks in front of his new home and settled down to write a book about what it means to be English, whilst taking turns in opening Fetes with his new neighbours, Madonna, Martin Clunes and Jonathon Ross amongst other working class heroes owning the rest of West Dorset.

Now Billy's book, The Progressive Patriot which were Billy's thoughts on how the left could take patriotism away from the British National Party and use it as a shield to cover the treason of the left as they betrayed our country was a spectacular flop even by the labour loving Guardian reviewer. The book originally priced at £17.99 can now be bought on Amazon for £1.29 as disappointed readers try to reclaim some of their money.

Now Bragg has always liked to play up his "Englishness" and believes that a pig born in a stable is a horse and that anyone can be "English". But you can understand why he might prefer to see himself as English, when you discover that Billy's grandfather was an illiterate Italian Ice Cream salesman. Now given a choice of being the descendant of a Stop me and buy One merchant or a True Son of England than I know which I would prefer.

So with his writing career in free fall, Billy has needed to top up his Red Wedge of money and has come out shooting his mouth of about the BNP at luvvie packed venues such as this  one in Camden where he sang such lyrics as
"Take down the Union Jack… Britain isn’t cool you know and it’s really not that great… It’s not a proper country… past its sell-by date… Member of the British Empire… doesn’t sound too good to me."
Those do not sound like the words of an Englishman to me. More the words of a one hit wonder singer playing the same old song long after everyone has realised just how rubbish they are.

But Billy will survive and continue to play the part of a working class hero and now united with his old friend, Red Ken Livingstone, Chairman of the UAF we can see why he is still popular with those who seek to destroy democracy.
The British National Party would probably make it [into a parliament elected by proportional representation ], too. It would shine a torch into the dirty little corner where the BNP defecate on our democracy, and that would be much more powerful than duffing them up in the street — which I'm also in favour of.
Once a Red always a Red. Violent murdering scum.

But Billy is not that keen these days to talk about Marxism and the numerous trips he made to Moscow before Communism there collapsed (after the deaths of 65 million people).

Check out his answer to a question put to him back in 2007 in an interview.

Question: "Why are you living in a big house in Devon and not in the middle of the multi-cultural utopia that you so love?"

Answer BB: "It's Dorset actually. This is a question that I get asked all the time, an evolution from that old chestnut from the 20th century - 'If you like socialism so much, why don't you go and live in Russia'. I take it as a sign that the contributor has nothing to say on the topic in question - in this case Englishness and St George's Day. Stooping to personal attacks does nothing but undermine your credibility."

That's the hammer, Billy. Attack the questioner and avoid answering the question.

Well he did not go to live in Russia. More is the pity. Too red for Billy Boy. And these days Barking is just too Brown.
Judgement is passed. You are an hypocrite Billy.