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Saturday, 15 January 2011

Comments Please a Article from Simon Darby Blog

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Written by Copied from the site of Simon Darby   
January 2011
simondarby_120_x_120The following article has been copied over from the site of Simon Darby, the former British National Party Deputy Leader.  It certainly provides a lot of food for thought and a lot of information on how the state conspires against the British People.  To me the second part of Simon's article is of more importance than the first.  Read it and see what you think.  Take it away Simon..................
Not too disappointed with last night's result in Oldham the main priority being that the British National Party gets back into business after a difficult 2010. The great response of activists and sense of comradeship will have all of those involved eager for the forthcoming Barnsley Central contest.

After visiting the Oldham constituency twice this week, I said to Nick that if our vote doesn't come out then it will not be through lack of support. That might seem somewhat paradoxical but those who witnessed the amount of goodwill and respect for the BNP from people on the streets will understand that very well.

Despite a tremendous effort by Derek, Clive, Jock and others the cold fact remains that the main parties have now drifted streets ahead of us when it comes to campaigning technique and the subsequent ability to connect with the electorate.

Further to this we are not dealing with a level playing field here either. As well as utilising the police to throw our chap out of hustings meetings and a totally biased media we were well and truly outspent by the other parties. Of course it's no wonder we didn't have the finances to fight this election as we should, it was only last month that the state-funded EHRC failed in its attempt to jail our chairman and bankrupt the party in the process.

That's an important paragraph, that last one because it highlights the fact that just by being able to seriously contest Oldham was a victory in itself. If all had gone to plan we should have been destroyed by now, but the fact is we are still here much to the obvious annoyance of those who would wish to sweep their crimes against the British people under the carpet for good.

If anyone thinks that this blog this morning consists of nothing but fanciful excuses, then please examine this next item which I consider to be major breaking news.

The exclusive photos below clearly show the recently exposed undercover police officer Mark Kennedy (in dark clothes with green rucksack) and guess where they were taken? At a recent UAF protest against our RWB festival in Derbyshire. Think about the implications for a minute, that's a police officer trying to disrupt and sabotage the activity of a perfectly legal political organisation.

If you have kept track of this story in the Guardian you will understand the implications of what has been going on here. We are talking about a multi-million pound state budget and hundreds of undercover operatives. Just how many of those assets are now actively involved in trying to sabotage the BNP?

No doubt many of you will see far wider implications and conclusions to myself, but I now think I understand very well why the Metropolitan Police refused to prosecute the individual clearly caught on camera throwing darts at our MEPs along with the other rioters.

You will probably not know this, but last night our chairman and MEP for the north west of England was invited to a question and answers session concerning the recent film "Battle for Barking". Outside the Frontline Club a gang of UAF thugs tried to attack Nick and his security team. The police just stood by and watched and the "left" even boast about this here.

I just wonder how much of this intimidation is actually state-sponsored and under such circumstances I am so proud of this party. They simply don't understand that this makes us even more determined. See you in Barnsley.