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Sunday, 23 January 2011

Help Nick Griffin MEP and the BNP to beat the PC EHCR Style Gestapos

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Written by Nick Griffin MEP BNP.
Fellow Patriot
Now it’s elderly Christians who are in the firing line of the ‘equality’ bullies!
As you know, Trevor Phillips and his ‘Equality and Human Rights Commission’ (EHRC) persecuted the British National Party during 2010 – before finally losing the court case that they bought against myself, Simon Darby and Tanya Lumby.
Now these bullies have turned their sights on bed and breakfast homeowners in another assault on our traditional rights by the Politically Correct Gestapo.
Have you heard of the story of Peter and Hazelmary Bull? They are devout Christians who, for 25 years, worked hard to make ends meet by offering a bed and breakfast in their home.
The Bulls were sued by the EHRC over their married-only policy on double beds and were ordered to pay a militant homosexual couple £1,800 each in compensation for the "hurt and embarrassment [they] suffered" at being told that they would be required to sleep in separate beds while staying at the Bull’s house.
Thanks to your support and steadfast loyalty, Phillips and EHCR couldn’t break our British National Party. So now they’ve decided to pick on a smaller, more vulnerable ‘enemy’.
So they took this couple to court for simply endorsing Christian principles. Isn’t it outrageous? So much for “an Englishman’s home is his castle!”
Do you share my belief that it’s time to stand up to the PC bullies on behalf of our people?

Equality is not always equal!

I was, as I know you were, disgusted when I heard the judgment against the Bulls. We are living in dangerous times when, as Christians, we are persecuted in our own land.
"Much is said about 'equality and diversity', but it seems some people are more equal than others."Hotel owner Hazelmary Bull.
We must take a stand against this madness.
I've talked to so many ordinary people about this case and I agree with every one of them when they tell me that things must change. I tell them that the only party which is prepared to speak out on controversial issues such as these is the British National Party.
Only the British National Party will stand up and defend the rights of Christians to choose to live according to our nation’s traditional bedrock values. It's just one reason why the Political Class hate us, and why so many ‘ordinary’ decent folk wish us well. 
If we can’t fight, they will win...
It's the ‘ordinary’ people who fund and support the British National Party.
Growing numbers of people, just like you, donate to this party because they want us to keep speaking out against the PC madness of today.
People like you donate because they care. They, like you, are sickened by the way people are set up and persecuted by the PC Gestapo.
We’re working on exciting plans to take the fight to the enemies of freedom. I want us to speak out loud and clear on issues like this, so I need your help.
Please help me and the British National Party to keep fighting. Could your donation stretch to £500 to help us fight persecution and give the PC bullies another bloody nose? If not please consider making a gift of £100, £50 or £25. Please send your most generous gift today and keep the British National Party in this struggle.
Thank you,
Nick Griffin, MEP
Leader, British National Party
P.S. I can’t put a total on the amount that we need to raise this year in our continuing struggle against the Politically Correct elite, because the more we have, the more we can do. You can be certain that every pound counts, and with your willing help, we can win.
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