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Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Now the UK Media & Press Seeks to Pillory & Persecute a Christian Vicar

Now the media seeks to persecute a Christian

JANUARY 2011: 
IT'S not often that a Press Statement from a British National Party representative creates such an interest, but our "MEP lights a candle for Christians" release certainly did just that.

 But the steady stream of requests for further information by journalists from newspapers in Manchester didn't concern Nick Griffin's campaign to draw attention to the victimisation of Christian minorities in Islamic countries.
No, the journalists just wanted to know the name of the vicar from Greater Manchester who had written to Nick asking him to highlight this persecution.
In a letter to the MEP, the vicar had said:
"I hope that you will be able to support the appeal from Coptic Christians being attacked, tortured, raped and killed by Islamists in their own country.
"There is a great wall of silence over the attack on Christianity by Islam because political correctness forces bodies like Amnesty to turn a blind eye."
Now you would have hoped that these journalists just wanted to speak to the vicar in order to get a further insight into the suffering of Christians in Iraq, Egypt and Nigeria . . . but sadly, that wasn't the case.
They wanted his name and parish in order to pillory him in the press for daring to suggest that Islam wasn't a religion of peace and its unchecked growth in this country was undermining our Christian values and a threat to Britons who hold those values sacred.
The media sought to persecute this Christian for failing to bow to the disciples of Political Correctness by daring to speak out on behalf of Christians being persecuted by Muslims in the Middle East and Africa.
* Needless to say, the requests for information on the vicar were treated with the contempt they deserved.