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Tuesday, 4 January 2011

France’s Conservative Govt Pretend New Year’s Immigration Invasion Violence Doesn’t Happen

France’s Tories Pretend New Year’s Immigration Invasion Violence Doesn’t Happen

France’s conservative government has attempted to “combat” the immigrant-origin annual New Year’s car-burning orgy by refusing to release any figures about the incidents in the hope that the lack of publicity will ‘kill’ the story.
The torching of cars has become a New Year’s tradition in France, committed by thousands of rampaging African-origin “youths.”
According to figures released after New Year’s Eve in 2009, some 1,137 cars were torched, while some 1,147 were burned the year before.
Now, however, in typical cowardly conservative fashion, the Sarkozy-regime has set decided that no figures will be released at all this year.
“The French government is determined to stamp out these scenes of anarchy as part of its highly-publicised campaign against crime,” the France24 news service announced, following Interior Minister Brice Hortefeux order for a news blackout.
Mr Hortefeux said that his plan was to “stop the unhealthy competition” which he alleges is the reason why the arson attacks occur.
“I have decided to put an end to the competition, the sweepstakes, and will no longer publish the number of burnt vehicles,” Mr Hortefeux said.
“It is not to hide, but to disrupt a stupid contest that involves burning the cars of honest people.”
Instead, the arson incidents will now be included as part of a review of annual vandalism figures, to be released later in the year.
As a result, the official reports from France indicated a “quiet” New Year, a claim contradicted by the news that French police were forced to deploy 6,000 extra police officers (800 more than last year) in order to try and keep some sort of order on the streets of that country’s cities.
The shameful approach of simply covering up the news, rather than reporting it, is a commonly used tactic by the ruling elite to hide the disastrous consequences of their mass immigration policies.
Instead of admitting that the mass importation of Third Worlders has created massive social problems which reflect in high crime rates, delinquency and outright terrorism, the ruling elite would rather pretend that these events simply do not take place.
The time has come for an honest discussion on the causes and effects of Third World immigration — and for honesty about the only manner in which this serious problem can be addressed.
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