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Thursday, 13 January 2011

Grooming issue dominates Nick Griffins MEP's mailbag

Grooming issue dominates MEP's mailbag

 JANUARY 2011: 

OUR MEP's Constituency Office Manager Tina Wingfield, reports that correspondence detailing constituents concerns about the grooming of young white girls by Muslim men make up a high percentage of Nick Griffin's mailbag.

 "Letters and emails on this sensitive subject having been coming in from day one and our office have replied to everyone as well as contacting the relevant authorities and advising on actions that can be taken," Tina (right) told this website.
"This was a letter that Nick to the Senior Crown Prosecutor, Rochdale and Bury Crown Prosecution Service on 8th September 2009. It does show that Nick alerted the authorities directly. I have anonymized his letter to protect the identity of the constituent and victim."
"I have been contacted by one of my constituents, in connection with a case of Sexual Grooming. While I appreciate that criminal matters do not come within the responsibility of the European Union or its Parliament, I feel I must write on his behalf.
My constituent has told us that he is devastated by the Crown Prosecution Service’s decision not to prosecute the perpetrators in this case, on the two grounds stated (cross-contamination of DNA evidence and the victim’s alleged sexual history with one of the perpetrators).
My constituent’s daughter has suffered considerable trauma as a result of the criminal actions of the four men originally charged in this case, and he is concerned that the failure of the criminal justice system to secure any form of conviction against them, despite the fact that the victim was a minor at the time of the incident, will adversely affect her recovery process. Co-ordinated Sexual Grooming which appears to be carried out disproportionately by Muslim paedophile gangs, is an increasing problem in the North West region and there seems to be a general reluctance on behalf of the criminal justice system to confront it. This failure to bring the perpetrators to justice compounds the suffering of the victims and leaves children open to abuse.
The gang involved in the crime against my constituent’s daughter are still operating in the local vicinity and, in the interests of community protection, he requests that the Crown Prosecution Service reconsiders its decision not to pursue a prosecution in this case.
Thank you for your attention in this matter."