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Wednesday, 5 January 2011

UK Controlled Media Lies Again About “British” and “French” Terrorists

Controlled Media Lies Again About “British” and “French” Terrorists
The controlled media’s compulsion to hide any of the realities about the Third World invasion of Europe reached a new high today with reports of “French” gangsters helping “British” extremists — yet none of those involved are in reality French or British at all.

A headline article in the Tory-supporting Telegraph newspaper announced that an ongoing court case in France had revealed that “British terrorists [had been] 'offered safe house by al-Qaeda-linked French gangsters'.”
Of course, a reading of the names involved show that there were no French or British people involved in this plot, and that all the perpetrators were Muslims of North African or Asian origin.
Nonetheless, the controlled media hysterically persists with the lie that these people are somehow “French” or “British” as if the issuing of a passport magically transforms ethnic origin.
Their logic, taken to its “logical” conclusion, would mean that if David Cameron were given a Chinese passport, he would suddenly become a Chinaman, or that if Nick Clegg were given a Japanese passport then he would suddenly become Japanese.
It is this obsession with civic nationalism, also known as cultural nationalism, which defines the entire world view of those parties and individuals who seek the destruction of British, and ultimately, European identity.
There is no shame to being proud to be ethnically British, ethnically French, ethnically Pakistani or Algerian. But the British National Party alone recognises this as a pre-determined reality which no amount of liberal manipulation can ever distort or hide.
* The court case to which the Telegraph referred revealed that North African Muslim criminals, resident in France, had offered Muslim terrorists living in Britain a safe house outside of the UK.
The main accused is Algerian-origin Ouassini Cherifi, who ran a restaurant in the massively Third World colonised Paris suburb of Clichy-sous-Bois, the scene of much nonwhite rioting through the years.
Cherifi and seven other Muslims are accused of committing robberies at post offices and other retail establishments in order to raise money to finance further Muslim terrorism across Europe and to aid Al-Qaeda.
Amongst the accused is Farid Boukemiche, an Algerian Muslim who spent three years in a British prison on terrorist charges before trying to claim political asylum.
When his asylum application was rejected, he moved to France where he opened a cafe in Roubaix, near Lille.
The cafe “housed many brothers, particularly British ones,” according to prosecution documents.
According to other prosecution documents, Cherifi has spent a “great deal of time in Britain recruiting Jihad fighters to travel to Iraq and Afghanistan” — another indication of the international nature of the Islamic assault upon Western Civilisation.
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