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Monday, 3 January 2011

BNP Chairman's Update : Resolve to help those despised by the Political Class | British National Party

Chairman's Update : Resolve to help those despised by the Political Class | British National Party: "

Chairman's Update : Resolve to help those despised by the Political Class

For many of us, New Year's resolutions made with the best of intentions will be forgotten before the holiday decorations come down. Maybe that's because most of our resolutions—cleaning out the garage, pinching pennies, or losing weight—primarily benefit us. Isn't it always more rewarding to help others?
That's why I hope that you will resolve, before the clock strikes midnight on the 31st, to improve the lives of those in our country who feel abandoned by the Political Class. Our people, whose concerns are rejected in favour of newcomers. Our people who are put to the back of every queue and the bottom of every list. Those who have been made strangers in their own land. The pensioners afraid to leave their own homes stuck in inner city hell-holes. The young who have no job and no hope. The families struggling just to get by. These are our people suffering from exploitation, and neglect.

Please make a special holiday donation today to help the British National Party mount an even stronger defence of all those who will need our help in 2011.

With your help, we can resolve to conduct more ground breaking election work, expand our hard-hitting campaigns, win legal victories, and change corporate and government policies in order to lessen the suffering of our fellow citizens. Our work depends on the support of caring people like you.

For the sake of all those who feel ignored and side lined by the Political Class, please support the British National Party in 2011 by making a generous gift right now online or by phone. If operators are busy please call again. I want to reach out the hand of help to our suffering fellow Britons and give them encouragement and hope. Help me do that.

Thank you for resolving to share your warmth with those ordinary Britons who need your help.

Many of our countrymen feel alienated and abandoned in areas that have changed in their own lifetimes beyond recognition. They rely on caring people like you to help the British National Party make their voice heard. Please make a contribution to the British National Party today and give a voice to the voiceless. There is no more important or more satisfying way to start the New Year.
Nick Griffin MEP,
Chairman, British National Party
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