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Wednesday, 12 January 2011

UK Conservative Party Holds Oldham Public Bye Election Meeting in Urdu Shock

Conservative Party Holds Public Meeting in Urdu in Oldham

The New Conservative Party has demonstrated its commitment to the Islamic colonisation of Britain by holding one of its Oldham election meetings in Urdu, rather than English.
The Conservative Party in Oldham meets. The Conservative Party in Oldham meets.The meeting, addressed by the Muslim Conservative Party chairman Sayeeda Warsi before a large crowd of Islamic supporters, featured repeated references to how that party was catering to the needs of the Muslim community.
Steps already taken by the Tory party include the formation of a special commission to study the “cause” of Islamaphobia in Britain, Ms Warsi, the first non-British chairman of that party, told the meeting to great applause.
The meeting, a video of which can be viewed below, was also addressed by the Conservative party candidate in Oldham, who goes by the unsurprising name of Kashif Ali.
Is this the Britain that traditional Conservative Party voters want? A land utterly colonised by Pakistan in which a non-British Tory party chairman has to speak in Urdu to an election meeting?
People watching the video might wonder if the meeting was being held in Britain at all, or rather in Pakistan.
Note also in the speech, how Ms Warsi makes frequent use of the words “Inshallah” which means “as Allah wills,” a perfect representation of the insane path to the Third World colonisation of Britain — to which the New Conservative Party is fully committed.
Winston Churchill would most certainly not recognise this party as his own.
According to records released by the National Archives in 2007, Sir Winston and his cabinet colleagues, concerned at the number of "coloured people", wanted to introduce strict immigration controls to prevent the takeover of this country.
In hand-written notebooks, the cabinet secretary, Sir Norman Brook, said that immigration restrictions were discussed at a cabinet meeting on 3 February 1954.
Sir Winston said that he would” [like] also to study possibility of 'quota' — [number] not to be exceeded."
Sir Winston said that “Problems wh. [which] will arise if many coloured people settle here. Are we to saddle ourselves with colour problems in UK? Attracted by Welfare State. Public opinion in UK won't tolerate it once it gets beyond certain limits."
Florence Horsbrugh, the minister of education, added that the problem was becoming "serious" in Manchester.
David Maxwell-Fyfe, the home secretary, reported that the total of "coloured people" in Britain had risen from 7,000 before the Second World War to 40,000 at the time of writing, with 3,666 of those unemployed, and 1,870 on national assistance, or benefits.
He referred to those "living on immoral earnings". Of 62 people convicted the previous year in the Metropolitan police area, 24 were "coloured". He added: "All adminve. [administrative] measures to discourage have bn. [been] taken. Only further step wd. [would] be immigrn. [immigration] control over admn. [admission] of [British subjects] to UK.
Sir Winston said the question was whether it might be wise "to allow public feeling to develop a little more — before takg. [taking] action...May be wise to wait...But it wd. be fatal to let it develop too far."
As the video below clearly demonstrates, the situation has been left to develop “fatally too far” as Sir Winston warned.
Britain faces a few more short decades in which the Islamic colonisation of our country can be prevented. Conservative Party voters should take heed of Sir Winston’s warnings, and act accordingly.

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