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Wednesday, 26 January 2011

700 North West media outlets hear of the work of Nick Griffin MEP on Behalf of Persecuted Christians

700 North West media outlets hear of the work of the MEP

JANUARY 2011: LAST Friday morning, over 700 media outlets across the North West of England were informed of Nick Griffin's efforts in the European Parliament to highlight the persecution of Christian minorities in countries where Islam is the dominant religion.

 The press release told journalists, as well as radio news and local television news editors, of the stance on the issue taken by the MEP in Strasbourg.
PRESS STATEMENT: Issued by the Constituency Office of Nick Griffin, MEP
MEP lights a candle for Christians
On Wednesday 19th January Nick Griffin MEP attended a candlelight vigil for Christians being persecuted by Muslims in the Middle East and Africa.
The vigil, held outside the European Parliament building in  Strasbourg, was organised to highlight the vote on the issue taking place.
Mr Griffin was one of a majority of MEPs who voted in support of a  motion condemning attacks on Christian communities in Egypt, Nigeria,  Pakistan, the Philippines, Cyprus, Iran and Iraq.
The MEP said that the growing violence was leading to an exodus of  Christians from these countries which was a form of 'ethnic' cleansing  of a religious minority.
"It's nice to be on the winning side after a debate and vote in the  European Parliament," he said.
Mr Griffin also signed an open letter which stated:
"We, Members of the European Parliament, are determined to use all  means at our disposal so as to regain Democracy, Human Rights and  Freedom of Religion, for Christians in the Middle East.'
Nick Griffin had been asked to support the motion by a vicar from  Greater Manchester.
He wrote to the MEP urging him to make people aware of the atrocities  that are taking place in the name of Islam.
He said:
"I hope that you will be able to support the appeal from Coptic  Christians being attacked, tortured, raped and killed by Islamists in  their own country.
"There is a great wall of silence over the attack on Christianity by  Islam because political correctness forces bodies like Amnesty to turn  a blind eye."
While our enemies within the media will do all that they can to censor news about the British National Party and its elected representatives, the MEP's the weekly press release is still vitally important as it shows unbiased journalists and editors that Nick is active on behalf of his constituents in the European Parliament. Even if they are disinclined to publicise news of his work, having knowledge of it will help defer any attacks by our opponents claiming that the MEP is not actively representing his constituents in the North West.