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Saturday, 29 January 2011

Join The British National Party Bolton and Britain's Fastest Growing Political Party


Why is the British National Party- Britain’s fastest growing political party?

Now it's elderly Christians who are in the firing line of the 'Equlities' bullies! As you know, they persecuted the British National Party for all of 2010 - before finally losing the case against us. So now Trevor Phillips and the Equalities Commission have turned their sights on Bed and Breakfast home-owners. The principle of "an Englishman's home is his castle" no longer rings true. Don’t just sit back and let others defend our country from politically correct fanatics and Islamic Extremists. You feel the same way we do about Britain so help us in our struggle, JOIN TODAY!

We want a Britain where the British people are valued and given their proper place - rather than treated like second-class citizens.

· We want a Britain which is fair, where normal British people don’t have to struggle to pay bills and live in fear of losing their jobs, whilst crooked politicians are fiddling their expenses and stealing taxpayers' money.

· We want a Britain which our war dead and veterans can finally be proud of fighting for.

· We want a Britain which is free to govern itself without living under the dictatorship of the EU.

We want a Britain where our young people are given a good education, apprenticeships and can look forward to a decent job

We want a Britain which doesn’t waste Billions of pounds of tax payer’s money on foreign aid, while thousands of our pensioners and are forced to live out a miserable existence on tiny, inadequate pensions.

We want a Britain that ensures that our jobs aren't shipped abroad to cheap labour economies

What would our war heroes think if they could see Britain today? They fought to keep this country British. They fought to keep our nation free, sovereign and independent. They did not fight for multiculturalism, political correctness, or to see our country flooded with foreigners and our own people made into second-class citizens.

The British National Party is a modern, patriotic, democratic alternative to the old parties that have wrecked our great country.

Membership costs from as little as £1.25 a month

Most of our members aren’t ‘politicians’, but ordinary hard working people united by a desire to see British people put first in their own country, rather than tossed aside by the corrupt Political Class.

So why not join us and be part of our journey. Maybe you already vote British National Party at election time? Maybe you have thought about joining but not actually done it? Maybe you think you are too young, too old or too busy? Maybe it's just because nobody has asked you. We're asking you now; because if you don’t who else will defend our country and heritage and what will be left for our children and grandchildren? They will literally be left in the mercy of politically correct fanatics and Islamic extremists.

You will be part of a serious and modern political movement with thousands of members, scores of councillors and 2 MEPs.

Membership costs from as little as £1.25 a month

Plus as a member you will:

· Receive copies of the British National Party’s Hope and Glory magazine and

· Receive monthly member’s bulletins ‘British Nationalist’.

· Receive an exclusive British National Party membership card

· Have the chance to meet and socialise with members in your area- a great way to develop your social life and meet new like minded friends.

· Have the chance to stand for the party in elections

· Be invited to the British National Party’s annual Red, White and Blue festival, as well as other party events such as the Summer School and National Conference (subject to 2 years continuous membership)

Already a member? Why not persuade a friend, workmate or family member to join the British National Party? If every member recruited just one person, our membership would double overnight!

Yours sincerely,
Nick Griffin
Nick Griffin, MEP
Leader, British National Party

P.S. As a member of the British National Party you are part of a community of patriots organised to make our country a good place to live for future generations. British National Party members care about our land and people. When you see the hatred in the eyes of the fanatics remember that the love in our hearts is a greater power.