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Monday, 31 January 2011

UK's Islamist Terror Menace Created by Labour and Tories: Now They Want You to Pay for It

Britain’s Islamist Terror Menace Created by Labour and Tories: Now They Want You to Pay for It

British taxpayers will have to cough up an additional £30 million per year for increased “monitoring” of Islamist fanatics in Britain in terms of “new” security laws announced by Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg yesterday in parliament.
The new rules, announced during a particularly pathetic display of idiocy in the House of Commons, will greatly increased the burden placed on Britain’s security services by allowing suspects currently under curfew even greater freedoms than before.
According to a report by the Home Office, 92 percent of all convicted terrorists in Britain are Muslim (“Statistics on Terrorism Arrests and Outcomes Great Britain”, Home Office, 26 November 2009).
According to this report, there have been 1,661 terrorism arrests in Britain since 11 September 2001. This translates to 1,528 Islamist terrorists being convicted in the nine and a half years since 2001.
Put another way, this means that a Muslim terrorist has been locked up at the rate of one every two days since 2001.
Before the London train bombings (carried out by first and second generation Muslim immigrants living in Britain), intelligence services estimated that one percent of Muslims in Britain either supported or were involved in terrorism.
British intelligence services believe that, in recent years, 3,000 Muslims in Britain have been to al Qaeda training camps.
Intelligence experts estimate that there are at least 1,200 Muslim radicals (80 percent of Pakistani origin) in Britain who have terrorist intentions.
Only a fool or a madman would deny the very real threat this poses to the stability of Britain or that it really is just some “fringe” minority.
It is a serious, deadly threat which has already taken lives in the most severe acts of terrorism in the history of our nation.
To make matters worse, it is precisely the policies of the Labour and Tory parties, and now the Liberal Democrats as well, which have created this large mass of alien invaders in our midst.
Instead of applying the logical answer to the problem — halting and reversing third World immigration — Mr Clegg and his fellow liars have chosen instead to carry on with the ridiculous and doomed policy of trying to keep a security clampdown on these Islamists.
In terms of Mr Clegg’s announcement, terror suspects currently under overnight curfews will no longer be forced to change address and will be allowed restricted use of mobile phones and the internet.
In addition, the curfew period has been reduced from 16 hours per day to ten, which means that the security services will now have to devote an additional six hours per day to monitoring these individuals.
This is why the cost of the programme has now leaped from £12 million top £30 million.
All this is completely unnecessary. These individuals should not even be in Britain, and under a British National party government would instantly be returned to their countries of origin so that they can no longer pose a threat to our nation.