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Thursday, 20 January 2011

How Multiculturalism destroyed the ancient Hebrews

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Written by John the Yank   
Moses_120_x_168It is rather amazing how so many Jews and Christians promote multiculturalism as the best thing ever to of happened to humanity. Strange it is how they only do this in western countries and ignore China as well as most of Asia. However that is not near as strange to me as their ignorance of what multiculturalism did to the ancient Hebrews. It is as if these people have never even read one word of the old testament in the holy bible. If they did they would realize that God commanded the original twelve tribes of Israel not to embrace other cultures that did not follow the instructions set forth by him in the form of the ten commandments. Many other laws can be found in the Book of Deuteronomy.
First lets take a look at the Israelites upon their departure from Egypt, better known as the book of Exodus. God had stricken the Egyptians with ten plagues that had all but decimated the land of Egypt with the tenth killing all first-born Egyptian males. One of these happened to be Pharaoh's own son. This of course happened because of Pharaoh's refusal to release the Hebrews in order so they could go and worship the lord. So tell me then, if God embraces multiculturalism then why did he want the Hebrews to leave Egypt?  Couldn't the Lord see the value of the Hebrews embracing the culture of Egypt? Obviously not. He despised the culture of Egypt and wanted his people to have nothing to do with their idols and immoral sexual perversions. Now God did not see this in a racial sense. He saw it in a cultural and religious sense. That is why some Egyptians were allowed to join with the Hebrews upon Exodus.

Perhaps another example of God's denial of multiculturalism can be seen with the nephew of one of his most devout followers, Abraham. The nephew's name was Lot and one day he and Abraham looked upon a piece of land. Abraham told him he could take whatever part of it he wanted. Lot chose the best area which was very close to the cities of Sodom and Gomorrah. Abraham warned him that the cities were very wicked and it would not be a good idea to build a home there. However Lot ignored him and went there anyway. Well one day Lot had to flee the city along with his family and they barely escaped with their lives. God rained in fire from and brimstone from the sky and wiped Sodom and Gomorrah from the face of the earth like a modern day hydrogen bomb. So tell me once again, is God a racist because he hated the culture of Sodom and Gomorrah? What does he have against the homosexual culture of an entire city? The truth is he has never accepted any cultures that contradicts the one he has chosen mankind to follow.

So back to the ancient Hebrews again. After they had left Egypt they had to wander in what the Bible calls the wilderness for a period of forty years. This meant they had no real place to call home. No country of their own. It wasn't until they finally reached the "promised land" that they could call themselves Israel. During this time they received an even further set of rules for how to live their lives as commanded by God. These can be found in the book of Deuteronomy. Yet despite these restrictions the Jews never were really content. They noticed the cultures of the other nations around them and decided they wanted to be more like them than the Children of Israel. One of the the things they did to be more diverse was to have a king to rule over them, just like like the other nations whom God disliked. Although he wasn't the first of their kings he is certainly the epitome of what went wrong in Israel. His name was Ahab and he married a woman who was not a Jew by the name of Jezebel.

She of course wanted nothing to do with the culture of the Israelites and brought her own peoples foreign gods and practices into the twelve tribes of Israel. This led to complete disaster. The Jews began to marry non Jews and began to worship Baal who was the preferred God of Jezebel.Her marriage to Ahab is not the only occurrence of this sort of thing happening. King Solomon of Israel also did the same  with non Jews and thus the Children of Israel became an ancient melting pot. Multiculturalism was so rampant amongst  Israel that the laws and customs given to them by God were utterly forgotten.

So lets jump ahead hundreds of years to the time of Christ as I don't have room in this article to chronicle every enriched mistake committed by the Israelites. The time of Christ has come about. The Jews still consider themselves to be the chosen people of God during this time and still manage to hold on to their temple in Israel. They try to live by the old customs and commandments. Yet they are a far cry from the Israelites from the time of Moses or Joshua. They have intermingled with other cultures for hundreds of years and there are literally no real Jews left. Compared to the days of old they are an absolute joke. Christ points out many flaws amongst their teachings and now the old laws are not even possible to follow even if they tried. He tells them that the future for them will not be one of the past. The temple will be destroyed and so will their birth records. I am of course talking of the Roman destruction of Jerusalem that occurred not long after Christ's death. The Romans burnt the temple to the ground and upon destroying their birth records made it impossible for a Jew ever to trace his lineage from that day on.

Today there is not a Jew alive who can trace his history back to the original twelve tribes of Israel. This makes it impossible to establish a priesthood from then or until today. The pitiful truth of the matter is this: The acceptance of other cultures destroyed the original Twelve Tribes of Israel. We should all learn from this sad story and realize that it is permissible to embrace other cultures but to never allow them to become the norm. Lest we all become the modern day Jews.