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Monday, 10 January 2011

PC Multi-Culturism is such a NICE name

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Written by Albion   
Having passed my allotted three score years and ten I refuse to be browbeaten by constraints or shackled by political correctness. I suppose it is because I was taught from the early 1930’s to speak my mind. I believe it was called freedom of expression. I naturally assumed this was my basic right and is now enshrined somewhere in the UN charter on Human Rights, but I could be wrong. Unfortunately it is being taken away from our younger generation. The frighteners have been put on them.
For example I wince when a young lady introduces her friend saying “I would like you to meet my partner, Roger". One is tempted to inquire “is he your business or dancing partner?” If the young lady was not bound by stifling Political Correctness she will be honest and be free to say “Oh no, Roger is my shagging partner”.
You see Political correctness has put a stop to all this nonsense. It is they, the faceless people who decide on what we can or cannot say, who will point out "of course you have total freedom of expression in this country as long as we agree with what you say, otherwise we will take you to court on a charge that at the moment we haven’t quite made up our minds as to what that charge might be"

As with many other words that are fast disappearing from our language and words being sanitised to please minority groups like substituting Gay for Homosexuals we speak of boy and girl friends as being partners they are all being victims of political correctness, one day the word Nationalism will also disappear from our dictionaries.

As an aside, as a school-child reading my geography book showing a map of Africa, never in a million years did I expect to look around the classroom and see a large number of their representatives sitting around to me. I existed only within my tribe; I was not forced by threats to live with foreign tribes who in many cases resented me, my colour, my customs and my culture.

They call it Multi-culturism. It is such a ‘nice name’, I suppose you could give a ‘nice name’ to Genocide or Ethnic Cleansing, maybe I am missing the point here and do not realise that Multi-culturism IS ethnic cleansing, at least for the host nation and the end result IS Genocide. Why don’t our leaders tell us that, better still what madness has taken hold of them to try out this hideous social experiment on their OWN people?

There is a present generation that will never be able to say ‘I remember the good old days’ because for them, today ARE the good old days and for them they are not going to get any better.

Being of an older generation I saw the birth of National Socialism in Germany. I saw the pictures of Chamberlain on the front pages of the newspapers waving a piece of paper and waffling on about appeasement. As a child I heard the bombs, I watched the Spitfires dog-fighting the Messerschmitts high in the sky and listened to the drone of the bombers at night heading for places like Stuttgart, Hamburg, Berlin or for the Ruhr Valley to the factories on the Rhine.

The war ended and my family and I celebrated in the streets. The brave warriors returned home, some missing limbs, some horribly disfigured. As I played among the bomb craters looking for pieces of shrapnel and welcoming the end of rationing I thought life in England would return to how I remembered it before our soldiers went off to war. We would rebuild our cities and life would return to normal, or how I remembered normality to be. How wrong I was. In one persons lifetime I am seeing the rebirth of yet another Socialist Empire and like Nazi Germany, our people, although not welcoming it are in denial, and are doing absolutely nothing to halt it.

I firmly believe this European domination is going to be nothing like we have ever seen before. Germany invaded the Nation States of Europe by force but these countries still retained their National identity. Poland and France were conquered but they still remained Poland and France but under Nazi occupation. This New Order for a Socialist Europe will not even resemble the old Soviet Empire.

In the New Europe, Nation States will cease to exist only Member States will remain, all vestiges of National identity and Sovereignty will be stripped from the member states and over time will cease to exist and disturbingly leaving the Socialist Federation of Europe will NOT be an option. In the future Democratic Elections as we know them will also cease to exist, we will be part of a vast Federation of Socialist States.

The danger remains the same, if there is no opt out clause in any of these treaties then any disaffection by the people will be classed as an uprising and will be put down by undisguised brutality as used by the Hungarian Police on passive protesters. In retrospect Hitler’s objective was simple and straightforward it was to conquer Europe, he did not succeed.

The lust for global power by a comparatively few people who to all intents and purposes may still secretly harbour a similar loyalty to a powerful Germany may still remain. The objective is the same the method of subjugation is completely different. No blood need be spilled, the conquerors will take Europe one treaty at a time. With each treaty it makes it harder for feelings of Nationalism to raise its ‘ugly head’ ever again. The Marxist aim will have been finally been achieved. Welcome to the New Order.

It is an understatement to add I am sick and disgusted as to the defilement of my country. Return to me my country, it is my Motherland not my Fatherland and Ode to Joy is NOT my, if I dare use the word, my National anthem.

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