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Wednesday, 12 January 2011

Biased BBC Censors Oldham BNP Candidate on Politics Show as another Nine Muslim Groomers Arrested in Neighbouring Rochdale

Muslim Grooming Gangs: BBC Censors Derek Adams on Politics Show as another Nine Arrested in Neighbouring Rochdale

Sunday’s edition of the BBC’s North West Politics Show deliberately cut short an interview with the British National Party’s candidate in the Oldham East and Saddleworth by-election, Derek Adams, after he began discussing Muslim sex grooming gangs in detail — one day before another nine offenders were arrested in neighbouring Rochdale for that crime.
Derek Adams on the streets of Oldham.
Derek Adams
.Mr Adams was asked by the BBC reporter about the demonstration held by the party in Oldham town centre last Saturday and was just beginning to explain the detailed facts behind the Muslim grooming scandal and how the British National Party had been the first to bring it to the public’s attention.
The interview was being broadcast live when suddenly, without any warning at all, the BBC cut short Mr Adam’s interview. 
“It was obvious that they decided to censor what I had to say about the Muslim grooming scandal,” Mr Adams said.
“The interview was going fine until I raised the topic and then, wham, it ended with obscene haste.”
Mr Adams appealed for anyone who might have seen the show and taped it, to contact him on 07513470349. “I would like to get a copy of it, just for my own records,” Mr Adams said.
Meanwhile, the very next day, police arrested a further nine Muslims in neighbouring Rochdale on suspicion of organising yet another paedophile sex grooming gang.
According to a police statement, so far 14 girls have been identified as potential victims. They claim they were plied with drink and drugs and then taken to flats and houses for sex.
Police said the girls are all white and aged 13 to 15.
The investigation was launched by Rochdale police but has now been taken over by Greater Manchester Police’s Major Incident Team “because of the serious nature and potential volume of the offences.”
News of the arrests appears to have been deliberately held back, as has happened before in such cases.
According to the police, eight of the Muslims were arrested in December and a ninth was arrested last week. All have been released on bail until a new court appearance in March.
The latest arrests come just a week after the establishment was forced to admit that the British National Party had been right all along in pointing out that there was a Muslim sex grooming gang wave spreading out across the country.
“Unlike Jack Straw, who has tried to jump on the bandwagon and blame Pakistanis, the British National Party has maintained that this is a Muslim problem,” Mr Adams said.
“In Wrexham in North Wales, for example, there have been cases involving Iraqi asylum seekers, while in other parts of the country, incidents have involved Kurds and a myriad of other nationalities.
“The truth is that this attitude towards non-Muslim girls has its origins in the teachings of Islam, and not in a particular group.
“It is yet another example of why Islam is incompatible with modern Western society,” Mr Adams said.
“It is hypocritical in the extreme for Mr Straw to now attack Pakistanis for the problem, as it is for the Conservatives or the Liberal Democrats to pretend to cry crocodile tears over the issue.
“All three of those parties have supported the policies of mass immigration and the colonisation of Britain by Third World immigrants, and they are all to blame,” Mr Adams said.

* Mr Adams has provided a full firsthand account of the disgraceful events in Oldham last Sunday which saw him ejected by police from an election hustings.
“The tickets for the venue specifically said ‘come and meet the candidates’ but I told them that they should rather have said ‘come and meet some of the candidates,’” Mr Adams said in the audio interview with Simon Darby.
“If this had happened in Russia or Iran, the BBC would have said that this was a scandal,” Mr Darby said. “Yet because it happened here, they just cover it up.”
Listen to the interview below.