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Saturday, 22 January 2011

Stalinist zeal of UK's Political Correct School Teachers

Stalinist zeal of PC teachers

 JANUARY 2011: A former Conservative councillor has written to Nick Griffin MEP with a worrying example of what is going on in our schools today.

 His letter tells of political correctness gone mad and of the Stalinist zeal of teachers and school bureaucrats in vilifying and humiliating youngsters who don't follow the PC code.
The gentleman wrote:
"I had hoped that the new government would right some of the wrongs caused by the last shambolic Labour government but have been sadly disappointed.
"I was appalled by the treatment your candidate received being frog-marched out of the hustings like a common criminal, when the police cannot even catch the real common criminals!
My grandson aged 14, has just been accused of xenophobia and racism because he told a joke about a Polish girl to a Polish boy in the school library and was overhead by the librarian.
He was frog-marched out of the school premises and suspended for two days.
The irony of this whole sorry affair is that I am an Honorary Captain in the former Polish Reserve Forces (Government in exile) and hold the Order of St. Stanislav.
So much for a family that is seen as anti- Polish?"
Responding on behalf of Nick Griffin MEP, Constituency Office manager Tina Wingfield wrote:
"Thank you for your correspondence regarding your grandson’s shocking experience with the self-appointed Politically Correct education police.
"Mr Griffin asked me to convey his sympathies to you and your family. He is well aware how truly alarming, upsetting - and indeed baffling - in can be to suffer the (over)reaction of the PC authorities when they perceive that an act of “racism” has been identified. In many of these cases, it certainly does appear that the world has gone completely mad!
"I understand that your contact details have been forwarded to a local British National Party representative (as requested), and I trust he will be able to assist you in bringing this matter to a sensible conclusion. A conclusion, one hopes, that does not result in a blemish on your grandson’s school record in the form of a documented “racist” incident, nor the diminution of his healthy sense of humour.
"The media, in collusion with Conservative, Labour and Lib-Dem politicians, has portrayed anyone associated with nationalist politics, or simply opposition to excessive and  unrestricted immigration, as ignorant, dangerous or mad - and often all three - for many years. Thankfully, the British public are beginning to see through this media smokescreen, designed simply to impede the inevitable progress of the only Party in British politics that truly reflects the fundamental concerns of the majority population.
"132,094 voters in the 2009 European Elections, for example, placed their faith in the North West Region British National Party candidate, Nick Griffin, in spite of the intense and vicious anti-BNP campaign waged against the Party by an alliance of the media, trade unions, and mainstream political parties.  Advances in communications technology, such as the internet, have moreover, provided the British National Party with the opportunity to by-pass the Establishment media, which is committed to maintaining the status quo. Our independent websites, coupled with a national monthly newspaper and nationwide leaflet campaigns, have enabled us to take our message directly to the public, and to show them that British National Party supporters are ordinary citizens from a range of social backgrounds and occupational professions who recognise that contemporary politics appears to be devoid of any semblance of common sense.
Please do not hesitate to contact Mr Griffin if you require any assistance."