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Monday, 3 January 2011

Lady Harriet Harman of Murder Town

Lady Harriet of Murder Town | London Patriot:

Lady Harriet of Murder Town

Lady Harriet of Murder Town
I have no doubt that should Harriet Harman join the House of Lords the title Lady Harriet of Murder Town would be most appropriate. In the last few hours, Peckham, that already has the honourary title of Murder Town, was the scene of more shootings and stabbings increasing the number of youngsters that have lost their lives this year and reaching a new record.
No wonder then that the MP for Peckham chose to visit Peckham wearing a bullet proof (hopefully also knife proof) jacket and accompanied by Police escorts. Having said that, lets not forget that Peckham is a clear example of the kind of Britain the Labour Party and those who think more or less along the lines of the Labour Party want.
Illiterate Britain with educational standards lowered for propaganda purposes, Beggar Britain with more than five million people (potentially five million households) that depend on state handouts, perfectly fits in the ideological scheme promoted by the Labour Party.
You only have to look at Labour’s policies in terms of housing. Spreading the Housing State concept across the land and breaking up family homes transforming them into ad hoc Housing States has been the norm and all this has created a social bomb. This is precisely why Labour is so concerned about cuts affecting housing benefits. The changes affecting housing benefits will have political consequences because they will counter Labour’s poisonous demographic strategies