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Monday, 17 January 2011

Who are the Real Extremists?

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Written by BC1959    At the British Resistance Website
Thanks to our very own Bertie Bert, who actually managed to get comments printed online via ''The Guardian'' some time back, regarding the supposed extremist views of the British National Party, and the real, active, and deadly extremism of the establishment.
Through this, it is possible to allow readers to sample what opponents call ''British National Party extremism'', and the established puppet governments of the last few decades ''mainstream policies''. Let's take a look at the supposed ''extremist views'' of the British National Party, then look at the actual acts and eventualities of Labour and Conservative governments. Obviously, we have limited time and space for something too detailed, but friend, foe, and potential supporter alike will get the message.

THE BRITISH NATIONAL PARTY: A snapshot of major socio-economic-cultural policy.
  • Immediate withdrawal from the EU, saving in total some £200 Billion, including around £60 Billion direct costs to tax payer.
  • Immediate withdrawal from all foreign conflicts, saving in excess of some £4 Billion.
  • Immediate restoration of a scientifically backed death penalty for serious criminals, including child murderers and Paedophiles.
  • Immediate suspension of the ''Equality and Human Rights Act'', which specifically alienates and targets the indigenous peoples of Britain.
  • Nationalise the banks, railways, and transport system, and invest in environmentally sound 21st century systems.
  • Rip up the ''engineered for complexity'' directives that have strangled the rights of workers in Britain, and create a patriotic
  • economically viable investment programme to create jobs, and manufacture products that are required not 'wished for'''.
  • Create an ideas bank, whereby engineering and innovative ideas are produced for the benefit of Briton's, and then exported to foreign markets on a ''surplus to requirements and necessity basis''.
  • Make the NHS more effective, less bureaucratic, and create a system whereby British born students are offered important posts such as surgeons, nurses, and doctors. Retrain British born parents who have had their children, and wish to return, or turn to nursing, this would take the strain off the benefits system, and stop the ''need'' for importing foreign nurses.
  • Halt all benefits to foreign immigrants, and invest the money instead in providing traditional education for home grown youngsters and those in further education.
  • Strengthen Britain's borders, and create a non-military, and military ''National Service'' for two years. No school leaver should enter the jobs market without some form of education in social awareness, helping the elderly, and cleaning up Lib/Lab/Con damaged towns and cities.
  • Introduce a return of the ''Guild System'', so as to produce leaders in specialist fields such as the sciences, engineering, and medical professions. The Guild system should also have a secondary level, whereby those with no natural ability in evidence, can train in subjects such as building, plumbing, and traditional trades useful to the general economic and cultural viability of the nation.

THE CONSERVATIVE AND LABOUR GOVERNMENTS: A snapshot of policies previously and currently in evidence from 1948.

  • 1948: introduction of mass immigration, with the immediate effect of robbing our people of opportunities for work, and putting a further strain on the public purse. It is alleged that the original idea was based on a 7 year contract, and then once Britain was stable, immigrants would leaver the UK.
  • The National Health Service introduced, and almost immediately, used along with the benefits system and Welfare State, it produces a debt burdened system that allows commonwealth citizens usage once in the UK.
  • 1958: Harold Macmillan states that we've ''never had it so good'', but in reality all we got was buy now, pay later personal debt, and a national debt that was still being paid for Churchill's secret deals with the bankers.
  • 1962: Reports of an increase in TB and other diseases put a further strain on resources. Stabbings and inter ethnic strife also put a strain on police in the Midlands.
  • Labour win the 1964 general election, and immediately pretend to push forward with ''the white heat of technology''. In reality, the motorcycle industry is dealt a blow, with imports at a record high, and manufacturing hit by strikes from Communist union leaders. By 1968, a mix of immigration from Asia, Africa, and the West Indies sees tensions very high and the national debt increasing.
  • 1965: Abolition of the death penalty for a 5 year trial period. In 1969, it was formally abolished. In those four years alone, the country sees a rise in child rapes and murders, and many more serious crimes including the shooting of police officers ''whilst in the line of duty''.
  • The abortion act is passed in 1967, along with the ''legality'' of homo-sexuality. These two alone were enough to give the ''permissive society'', and homosexuals, rights to engage in both infanticide and lewd acts under law respectively should they wish.
  • 1968: First coins in decimal currency introduced. In 1971, the whole of the UK's currency went decimal, and not a single referendum was allowed. Ted Heath signs a raft of treacherous directives and laws, enabling the EEC (EU), to essentially dictate to the people of Britain.
  • Roy Jenkins and other politicians from both Labour and Conservative parties, employ propaganda to enforce laws which tightens the grip on free speech. 1973, Edward Heath signs Britain up to the supposed ''European Economic Community'', officially. Not too well known is the fact that it was Heath who originally suggested, or agreed, to cut England and Wales into ''Regions'', but stopped at simply ''altering the boundaries'' under the Local Government act.
  • Labour govern the UK under a series of mishaps and possible collusion with ''foreign entities'', and results in manufacturing becoming less competitive. Margaret Thatcher becomes Prime Minister in 1979, and immediately starts to ''capitalise'' the UK. She sells off national assets, and foreign companies, MD's and former and serving politicians, all enjoy the benefits... except the British public.
  • Under Thatcher, employment increases to three million, and over the next 30 plus years, treaties with the EU, increases the anti-British laws, mass immigration, illegal wars, and destruction of economic stability and real growth, enabling foreign bankers to drown the British people in a tide of massive personal, and national debt.
  • 2010: The final solution regarding the ''evil white British'' is implemented. The Coalition carries on as did Tony Blair, who himself essentially sold British traditional values off like a set of cheap jewelry. The EU now makes up over 75% of law in Britain, and the Tri-Partate dictatorship insists that the UK is coming out of recession, even though no attempt at regaining it's independence or a referendum on getting out of the EU is on the cards.
  • Debt is now permanent, and over £50 Billion in interest alone continues to hammer the indigenous peoples. Mass immigration through continued backing of Cameron, who wants Turkey to join the EU, keeps the tax payers under foot. Fuel prices and the cost of living is destroying home and business like never before, and bonuses are still a fat fact of life for Cameron's friends and relatives in the jolly world of ''what debt crises?'' banking. War is no end in sight, and crime is kept a lucrative business for anyone engaging in it, with jails at an all time maximum. Fraud is part and parcel of political life, and millions are going hungry and dying of cold.
As stated, this is a simple snapshot, intended to show readers that the word ''Extremist'' is a grave lie when including it in the same sentence as the British National Party. As bertie bert often asks: ''Who Are The Extremists?'' The British people and the British National Party have not got the blood of the innocent on their hands, nor do we support foreign wars. Make your minds up now, for another ten years of the above, and our very culture will be engulfed by the treacherous war mongers, financiers, and political prostitutes and rent boys, whom will make us all know the real meaning of ''Extremism''.