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Saturday, 29 January 2011

Do We Need Full-Time Police Officers to Enforce Multiculturalism if It Is Good For UK ?

Why Do We Need Full-Time Police Officers to Enforce Multiculturalism if It Is Good?

The British National Party Newsroom 

Why does Britain need full-time police officers, paid for by taxpayers, to enforce multiculturalism if that concept is so good and beneficial for this country, British National Party councillor and press officer John Walker asked the latest party meeting in Burnley.
John Walker Speaks in Burnley
john Walker Burnley Speech
Cllr Walker told the crowd that he had received a “wake-up call” during his preparations for the campaign the party has launched to oppose the creation of yet another “Islamic cultural centre” in Shotton, North Wales.
“I was invited by the police to a meeting of interested parties to discuss the proposed conversion of an old social club into an Islamic centre,” Cllr Walker said.
“It was there that I received a major wake-up call. The stuff they came out with at that meeting was just unbelievable.”
Cllr Walker said that there were no less than two “community cohesion” officers present at the meeting, one from the police and another from Flintshire County Council.
“The police have appointed a full-time community cohesion sergeant for whole of Flintshire.
“All he does is go around trying to keep a lid on the racial tension that this Lib-Lab-Con have created in the first place,” he said.
“If this multicultural society is so preferable, why do we need full-time police officers going round telling everyone it’s a great idea?
“Why do we need someone there from Flintshire county council going on about how wonderful it is to welcome all the migrant workers into Flintshire; about how they are working with Muslim families in the area?” Cllr Walker asked.
“This is just another person being paid by my local authority, with my tax money, to facilitate the colonisation of North Wales,” he said to applause.
“That was a wake-up call for me. When one is involved in the British National Party for a long time, you can get lost in the details and internal party issues.
“That meeting [with the community cohesion officers ] reminded me why I am a member of this party.
“It reminded me why I am councillor for this party, and why I continue to fight for this party, which is the only chance for this country,” Cllr Walker said.