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Saturday, 29 January 2011

Study Which Claims “5.5 Million Muslims in 20 years” in UK Is a Gross Underestimate

Study Which Claims “5.5 Million Muslims in 20 years” in Britain Is a Gross Underestimate

The claim by the American “Pew Center” that there will be 5.5 million Muslims in Britain by 2030 is a gross underestimation and based on a significant and serious calculation error, it has emerged.
Edgware Road, London.
Edgware Rd  London
.The Pew Center, which is a Washington DC-based organisation which specialises in public policy study papers, said that Muslims are expected to account for 8.2 percent of the UK’s population in 2030, up from an estimated 4.6 percent today.
According to the Pew Center, in “1990 there were 1.1 million Muslims in Britain, representing two per cent of the population.”
It was from this base figure that the Pew Center started its calculations and claimed that some 40 years later, the Muslim population would total some 5.5 million.
Separate studies conducted in January 2008 showed that the Muslim population of Britain was already at least 2.4 million strong (or nearly half the Pew Center’s proposed 2030 figure) and that the Muslim population was increasing at a rate ten times faster than any other segment of the population.
Furthermore, the high number of Muslims under the age of four in Britain — 301,000 as of September 2009 —  of a total of just over 3.5 million, means that in the younger age groups, Muslims were already ten percent of the population a year ago.
Given these birth rates, census figures and the fact that the Muslim population in 2008 was already 2.4 million, it can easily be seen that the Pew Center’s predictions are a hopeless underestimate.
In reality, given the demographic trends already visible in London, Birmingham and Leicester, to name but three cities blighted by Third World colonisation, it is likely that the Muslim population of Britain reached 3 million in 2010.
Given that the birth rate amongst Pakistani women living in Britain is three times higher than among British-born women, the figure of 5.5 million is likely to be reached well before 2020, a full decade short of the Pew Center’s predictions.
Mohammed has already been the most common newborn boy’s name in Britain for at least two years (although the establishment has tried to lie about this by using different spellings of the name to dilute the total count).
If current immigration and fertility rates continue as they are now, white British people will become an absolute minority by 2066, according to a recent report by Professor David Coleman from Oxford University.
Professor Coleman added that white British people will be a minority in younger age groups “well before that date.”
The British National Party has consistently warned not only of the dangers of Islamic colonisation, but also of the wholesale replacement of the indigenous population of Britain by mass Third World immigration.
The party’s warnings are becoming fact before everyone’s eyes.