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Sunday, 3 January 2016

Lawful Rebellion A View on it's Future Growth by David Robinson

Lawful Rebellion A View on it's Future Growth

 by David Robinson 

This is my projection at how the rebellion has and will grow further.
It starts with the common people, those with very little to lose, who grow tired of being slaves within a corporate system, that does literally nothing to benefit them, it gives a little in subsidies and takes it all back in taxes and fines, extra expenses as all public services are destroyed.
This stage has been reached by the group doing things correctly here in Glastonbury. In no other place in the country (apart from perhaps some recent actions in the capital) have the people exercised their duty under article 61 correctly. If that reads as big headed its not meant to be, it is just the truth.
Birkenhead for example was a sham. What on earth was Roger Haze even doing entering into their (not) court?.... he did so of his own accord and therefore consented to their service, total double think. And thereafter the process was not continued, why did two of the rebels go to prison? they did not use the law to deny jurisdiction and the chief constable of Mersyside was not pursued by the movement....he committed treason by 'rescuing' the so called judge (who was not a judge but an imposter). It was a nice day out though, we had a good chat with people and the cops were at least taking notice of what we were telling them.
The next stage is for the more affluent people to use the process like Sandi recently did. This has the potential to enthuse those with something to lose to join in the rebellion too.
Lets face it, most of us think we have things to lose but we are all facing the loss of everything anyway, and many lives too, under some bogus virus outbreak or some terrorist (government) attack on the people so that marshal law can be brought in, so that people can be covertly processed, either for the vaccine if you are considered a threat or a microchip if you have proven to be servile. Anyway that scenario is only what could easily occur if we allow things to continue for much longer and we have had enough now!!
Once people are using this remedy up and down the country, and the corporate courts are doing little to no trade because of a mass rejection, and the police are being lobbied day and night until they take notice of the evidential facts and abide by the law also, and the common people are empowered with the spirit of their sovereignty and unity, the system will fall apart and mass arrests will be made. This could literally happen in no time at all tomorrow in fact, if enough of us have the will to make it happen.
Whatever happens the cat is well out of the bag and the rebellion cannot be stopped in its tracks except by some catastrophic effect. My main concern is that we must get these very dangerous imposters away from sharp objects and placed within secure facilities ASAP. These people are capable of doing anything to stop the people rising to their potential,
We need people not to be in fear of the process, though we should all be in fear of the consequences of our collective inaction and apathy. There is no need to fear the truth and we are ONLY dealing with the clearly evidential truth by rebelling at this time. There is every reason to fear this very dangerous occupation and the criminals running our country and rights into the ground.
We MUST act even if only to respect all the people that died protecting the very same things in two contrived world wars. They had to sit in muddy trenches whilst all we have to do put pen and paper together, or go out and seize a public building or something....seizing buildings is fun anyway, and I quite like telling so called judges, bailiffs, cops etc to bugger off politely :0)..... yes if it wasn't so serious it would be fun.
This is the year we make or break the constitution. The Magna Carta has NEVER let the people down since it was created 800 years ago. It would be a travesty for the people to let down Magna Carta and all those who fought for the freedoms we have been denied. Peace.