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Wednesday, 6 January 2016

What's Really Going on in Oregon! Taking Back the Narrative ! KrisAnne Hall

 What's Really Going on in Oregon! 

Taking Back the Narrative ! KrisAnne Hall

I like that American woman in the video link, above - brilliant and clear
Please share that video far & wide along with this urgent wake up message which calls for immediate action:-
It's a parody on our situation in uk with the hegemony of banksters and Oligarchy set up by Rothschild, deploying the heavily corrupted Legal Profession, colluding with the privately owned 'Bank of England' ( well there's a lie right there - it's a Rothschild asset of his deluded creation called "UK PLC") & all HM depts esp HMLR to steal property and land from the people - all to bail out their bankrupt parallel economy - which they've used to oppress the People of Britain with for so many years - approx 300 to be precise!
Anything that can be registered must also be able to be de-registered.
So it's time we insisted on taking back our land and property Titles from these untrustworthy stewards whose ulterior motive is solely to execute illegal mergers and acquisitions into the Draconian war-mongering Rothschild dynasty.
It's no exaggeration to say:
The interfering Land Registry have become a huge threat to us all: sanctioning theft by pen & paper, void deeds & false financial instruments which completely disobey the Laws of our Land - for their own greed and privatised profits .
It's all about control being seized by interloper criminals engaging in gross malfeasance in high office - an office taken by stealth and running as a duplicitous set up with practices that are so abhorrent that their senior staff should all be jailed for high treason.
Now, with the wicked Rothschilds trying to "privatise" Land Registry - by fraudulently converting all the thousands of billions of pounds raped from people across the world, into this lucrative asset base of collateral value through properties, these criminal oligarchs intend to trade worthless loot and devalued currency built from fiat money and procured through fraudulent practice of Western banks (now collapsing everywhere we look), for solid value homes from tangible purposeful bricks and mortar - no wonder they want to make this hugely deceitful move!
Their options are running out, as now the global Banking System has become so corrupt that its operating like a behemoth and imploding
It is a fact that behind every illegal repossession and illegal foreclosure in England (and ALL foreclosures ARE unlawful as there's no lawful provision for a mortgagor to steal from a mortgagee ), is Rothschild & his agents - operating criminal cartels and asset-Stripping cabals, using increasingly aggressive means to asset strip us as their phoney collapsing, man-made imposed "debt crisis" deepens and worsens, becoming ever more desperate to survive and so continue.
Be warned of what motivates these power-crazed insatiable Rothschilds, whose aptitude for deception surpasses all the biggest crime gangs, internationally.
They have hijacked the Monarchy, as part of a swingeing deceptive deal they did since King George 3rd bankrupted the Bank of England that he'd set up a few decades earlier, and that's why we have a Trojan horse on the throne, as a namesake to all the corrupt HM Departments -
notably, all tarred with the same brush, of hoovering up money, time, energy, assets, happiness & robbing us of family life, health, wealth, happiness, homes, prosperity ...
These deluded and predatory overlords do not belong in our lives - they are parasites and satanists and must be made subject to serve us and to uphold all our unalienable rights afforded to us under our British Constitution and the Magna Carta.
In reality, they are predatory parasites, posing as keepers of a phoney Register, containing some 23.5 million properties with a value exceeding £5 TRILLION pounds , who are conspiring to steal England's biggest asset base- it's land and properties built by us, the good men and women of England. They have NO RIGHT TO OUR LAND OR PROPERTIES. Let's all be perfectly clear about this.
( Written by Elizabeth Watson if One Voice Action Group on 6/1/16)