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Thursday, 7 January 2016

The regime is getting scared

David Robinson
The regime is getting scared and are upping the anti to keep us all distracted with personal problems, and outside influences to keep us all in fear well fuck that!!
The terrorists are in Westminster, the 'climate change' is engineered by those in Westminster (and
elsewhere).... the paedophile protectors and perverts are in Westminster, the war criminals are in Westminster, the treasonous outlaws are (guess where?) That's right in Westminster so how long are we going to allow them to remain there?
The lawful rebellion movement is upping the anti and growing exponentially. Since we are now having more successes (simply because a few more people are losing their fear and using the process) and setting precedents (which you can use too you know?) the whole regime is cracking at the seems.
So how will they counter the rebels? Good question. They can ONLY commit very serious crimes by doing so, but as they become more fearful for their own necks (literally) they are likely to do something extreme to retain the illusion of control.
We need to act fast so PLEASE PLEASE share the information we espouse, talk to friends, family, neighbours etc. WE ARE THE MEDIA FOLKS and the truth just requires a few more dedicated folk to get it into the mass consciousness of the people.
We have proven the remedy we use works on more than one occasion so there is no excuse to ignore these facts. We all have a duty to "compel" others (that is one of the fundamental things about the security clause - Article 61). The remedy will ONLY work to secure our sovereignty when the masses get involved and we are supposed to compel them to do so. Those not standing under the security clause are outlaws and I don't care who you are that is just the truth and undeniable to any reasonable man/woman.
We are going to defend the rule of law with or without you but, those who oppose the law and argue against it are being recorded and will face the consequences of their actions, just like the men who aided and abetted the Nazi occupation of Holland. When the allies liberated the Dutch the men who aided the Nazi's were rounded up and shot....the women stripped, heads shaved and they were expelled from their homes.
We may not be so barbaric today but there will be dire consequences for those that do not join the rebellion. It is an extremely serious matter that involves the survival of my children and loved ones, that's my personal take on it and I will no longer be helping ANYONE who is not in lawful rebellion first, that goes for friends, family and all associates.
Some may think that I am being extreme and that I will alienate a lot of people well good!!! I do not want to be aligned with cowards and outlaws as they are a threat to the survival of this nation and therefore they are the enemy within. The line has been drawn and time is running out. Get on board the freedom express or pay the price NO STONE SHALL GO UNTURNED once we have secured the rule of law again, and trust me WE WILL BE SUCCESSFUL. Peace.