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Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Big Brother Is On The Way To The UK

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Written by Southwest Nationalist
April 2012

1984_120_x_161Imagine a world where the government - or government appointed snoops - can monitor, without warrant, every phone call you make, email you send, text message you write, and every website you visit.

It's apparently not an April Fools Day joke, it is the future that ConDem is about to usher in for us in Britain - the same future that the Tories and Liberal Democrats vociferously opposed when the previous Labour government attempted the same.

Under the new legislation - which would still have to make it through the Commons and Lords - internet companies would be forced to install hardware which would allow GCHQ to monitor everything a user does.

Apparently a warrant will be needed to actually view the contents of emails or listen in to phone calls etc, but even without the contents one can imagine how such information may well be used against someone.

Just think. That nasty man visits patriotic websites. Oooh, he's occasionally on the phone to other people in patriotic parties. On the watch list, potential extremist, perhaps we'd better warn his employer, maybe hint at the consequences should they continue to employ him and he goes on to get in trouble.

Getting a warrant to monitor contents of emails and phonecalls? Well, it could be as simple as just proving that someone visits sites which are considered objectionable by officialdom. Sites like this one no doubt, sites that most of us end up on every day. After all, who would visit these sites if they weren't up to no good?

Billed as a measure to protect us against terrorism - most of which now stems from Islam and wouldn't be here if we hadn't have been idiotic enough to let Islam flock to the UK in its millions - it will, as all laws are, soon be used against the innocent whose only crime is to hold opinions which differ from the state mandated ideal.

In a nation obsessed with trying to prove the existence of a far right bogeyman, who among us doesn't think such a law will end up used against all of us patriots who dare to peacefully speak out and campaign against what is being done to our country?

This is scary stuff. We've racism laws on one side to beat us into submission, and now we're going to face the possibility of everything we do online, or on the phone, going into a government database. Any government would use that as it suits them, ruin a life, threaten someone, attempt to tarnish them, beat opposition into silence.

Terrorists will just employ increasingly sophisticated encryption, obfuscation, and so on, to limit the usefulness of monitoring or to circumvent it. This will be a law used against the innocent like ourselves who dare to hold opinions with which the state disagrees.

Big Brother truly is about to start watching us all in every single thing we do, and it most certainly isn't with protecting our best interests in mind. Welcome to the dictatorship of thought and association as ushered in by the shill politicians of Lib/Lab/Con and the true enemies of all our freedoms.