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Sunday, 1 April 2012

Liberals, Pasties and Betrayal of Our Christian Heritage

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Written by Richard Newman
March 2012

muslim_girl_guide_120x119Having seen the photograph printed in the press of the new Islamic Scout dress my utter contempt for the chattering liberal class has now reached new depths. It is clear that this government has an agenda to destroy the traditional institutions of this country, merely following on the work of its predecessors. But the scouting movement has reached a new low with its latest attempt to sell out to Islam.

The Scouting movement is involved in charity, yet as the nature of our society is Islamified the Liberal elite who aid this process fail to understand that even in scouting the nature of the beast is different.

There are in fact many institutions out there who give to charity, and we should commend private individuals who continue to provide support for those in need. That said, the use of public money for the same purpose is a shocking abuse of tax payers money. Islam too should be commended for its charitable institutions, remembering that charity is one of the five pillars of Islam.

Zakat, or the principle of charity giving ensures that Muslims give charity to Muslims. Here of course is the main difference between the Liberal/Christian tradition of charitable giving which gives to all regardless of race, colour or creed, and the Islamic tradition which, with few exceptions gives exclusively to members of Islam. The reader may not believe this, yet you only have to see charity boxes and bins in Muslim areas to see signs proclaiming Muslim Charities Only.

Islamic countries such as Saudi Arabia and Oman give $billions each year to Muslims. I for one do not argue against this, because I too believe that charity begins with our own people.

Many people remember when we used to give to our people. Harvest Festival was, in my youth an opportunity to give fresh food to the local elderly, and not an excuse to send even more aid to Africa. The same was true of the Scouts, who in keeping with the traditions of the movement helped their local communities and supported local traditional institutions. This tradition continues in most countries throughout the world, again with geographical vagaries like the USA.

My knowledge of modern Scouting is vague, having been a Cub then a Scout half a century ago. Yet I remember the founding principles and Lord Baden-Powells reasoning behind the movement. Lord Baden-Powell was an anti-Communist and a patriot, which of course means that many in the Liberal left regard him as a racist and a Nazi!

It is worth reappraising the original scouting law published in 1908:

1. A Scouts Honour is to be trusted2. A Scout is loyal 3. A Scouts duty is to be useful and help others 4. A Scout is a friend to all, and a brother to every other scout, no matter to what social class the other belongs 5. A Scout is courteous 6. A Scout is a friend to animals 7. A Scout obeys orders 8. A scout smiles and whistles 9. A scout is thrifty 10. A scout is clean, in thought word and deed.

I for one concur with the honourable sentiments stated above, and people understand that the scouting law is applicable to all races colours and creeds. The strength of the law being that the wording from the original text can be changed to suit local traditions and cultures.

For those who remember the Scout Promise the original 1908 promise went like this:

I will do my duty to God and the King I will do my best to help others whatever it costs me I know the Scout Law and will obey it

Again there is nothing wrong with this promise as the promise is adaptable to various locations and social mores around the world.

Here however is the looming problem.

By changing the standard of dress in Britain to incorporate religious differences you then make difference an issue, the whole point of a uniform is to prevent this. The same is true of school uniform. The adoption of Islamic dress is a violation of this code, and a betrayal of the principles of the scouting movement in this country. The other countries that have embraced scouting and who are not liberal do not even consider changing the uniform for this reason.

Although many will see the adoption of a Muslim uniform as a further Islamification of Britain, as indeed it is. It should be viewed as a more serious violation of Scouting Law.

Egypt_guides_120x90In fact there is one body called the International Union of Muslim Scouts, based in Saudi Arabia, which exists to promote Islam within the Scouting movement. They are joined by many other religious bodies since the start of the 21st Century who have sought to promote their own religious dogma within the scouting movement.

This can be seen as a reaction for the defence of belief against the ingress of secular anti-religious belief.

As a Nationalist and Having no problem with the promotion of the traditional religious belief of a nation, within that nation. The pandering to a religion by the governing body of an institution, any institution at the expense of an established Christian tradition is wrong.

It is always Christianity that retreats, and Islam which advances because there is no one in Britain now who is in a position to stand up for our Christian beliefs.

Here then is the further malaise and the deeper issue which lies beneath the surface of the dress of a Scout. We live in a time and a place where all our political elite promote no values except those of greed and corruption, where our religious leaders continue to promote Islam and Homosexual while remaining silent on the promotion of traditional Christian values which remain the basis of our own heritage and culture.

A society where our head of state betrays her people by her refusal to defend our faith. Where the Liberal/Maxist elite seek to destroy every vestige of our historic cultural traditions.

My membership of the 70% Christian, 75% non voting, 100% pasty munching majority already much maligned by the ruling liberal elite has made me an enemy of this Liberal state.

If you argue against this madness you are automatically branded racist et al.

Works for me as I don't mind being branded a pasty munching 75 per-center. It just means that I am standing up for my traditional heritage and culture, knowing that Muslim Scout dress in this country is a further attack on my culture and religion.