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Friday, 13 April 2012

Tory Party - Islam should become our state religion

Conservative Party - Islam should become our state religionPDFPrintE-mail
Written by Green Arrow @ The British Resistance
April 2012

islamflag120x120Many years ago, I used to think that the average conservative voter had a few brains and bit more get up and go than some of the sheep people I would watch

being shepherded into the voting booths to vote labour

by people I knew to be nothing more than charlatans on the make.

Clearly I was wrong, your average conservative voter is just a dull

stupid blue sheep as opposed to the red sheep of the labour party

and the only sheep more cowardly are the yellow sheep of the Liberals.

It has been a long, long time since the conservative party's membership

was anything like a patriotic party. Now they are just voting fodder for one

side of the rotating dictatorship coin that who are themselves no more

than puppets of the ZOG controlled New World Order - but whatever

you do, do not mention the Jews, they tend to go a bit hysterical

when you lift the rock off them and expose them to the truth.

You all know that our Ashkenazi Jewish Prime Minister, David Cameron

is a great admirer of the moslems and believes that we can learn a lot

from these barbaric followers of a dead paedophile. You read here the

other day, how the Turkish Immigrant Boris Johnson is crawling in the

moslem sewers for their votes.

Now read what Conservative Home has to say about the unwanted colonisers

of our land:

As I have said above, Christians accept the dictats of evidence over intuitive reason, but Islam is the most straightforwardly intuitive religion of all. Its core doctrines make perfect sense: there is one God over all the earth; He is our creator; He commands obedience from us; He will judge us at the end of our lives sending the virtuous to paradise and the wicked to hell. How could it be any more obvious? Islam is also clearly tempting to our Establishment - they admire its disciplines, certainty, self-confidence and clear hierarchies of authority........

Christianity cannot serve that role any longer in Britain, and the notion that it does has become a threat to individual devout Christians - the Establishment's self-hatred becomes manifest in oppression of Christians. The next best alternative is Islam. That would be the best way to go from here.

You might remember that it was the treasonous and revolting Conservative

Home site that threw a wobbly and wet their silk knickers when I wrote that

the Queen was a liar and a traitor to her people. I now add all the stupid

people who vote conservative to the list of traitors in Our Country.

Come on people WISE up. It is us against them and they are winning.